Soda in a Gas Tank: What REALLY Happens?! (Explained)

There are so many things you may imagine putting in your gas tank, and one of these things is soda. Since we usually bring soda in every ride, you may wonder what would happen if you dare fill up your tank with such. Thus, you may ask:

If you put soda in a gas tank, what really happens? If you put soda in a gas tank, you would likely cause significant damage inside your engine. The reason is that soda contains components that will contaminate the fuel and cause corrosion. Further, a soda can stick in the tank. If left unchecked, it could lead to degradation in your engine soon.

The thing about soda is that it contains components such as sugar. While the sugar may not cause significant issues, it can still wear down your engine and damage the most sensitive parts if you put a lot. Thus, you must avoid putting some in your engine and prevent anyone from doing so at all costs. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through the effects of soda if you put some in your gas tank. This way, you can understand the risks involved and how you should deal with them if it ever happens to you.

Without further ado, let’s get into it more!

Soda in a Gas Tank

What happens if you pour soda into a gas tank?

Pouring soda into a gas tank puts the engine at danger of instant failure, as well as causing a slew of other difficulties and concerns.

It doesn’t matter what sort of soda it is; it won’t help your engine. Moreover, it can even lead to damaging your car and shutting it down.

Of course, the sugar in the soda is one of the first things that comes to mind, and sugar may definitely harm your engine. It’s not only the sugar content, though.

Soda is a chemistry-based beverage that contains a variety of components. All of the other elements, in short, can harm your engine and produce a sludge that will eventually block your engine and cause it to shut down.

Short term effects

The temporary blockage and harm to the internal engine is the initial short-term consequence of soda in a gas tank.

If you’ve ever seen someone cook a meal with soda in it. In that case, you know that the heat ultimately evaporates the soda, turning it into a thick, black material that resembles a delectable glaze.

While it may appear to us as a savory-sweet liquid, it might suffocate your vehicle. In addition, your engine may become clogged as a result of the sticky fluids. As a result, the engine may begin to slow down, and the engine’s performance may eventually deteriorate.

Long term effects

The long-term consequences of soda in a gas tank would be determined by the owner’s actions. For example, if he left the gas tank with a soda in it and did nothing to empty or dispose of it, the tank and engine would ultimately be permanently damaged.

Furthermore, even if you drain the soda as quickly as possible, a large amount of soda poured into the gas tank might damage the engine.

In summary, soda in a gas tank can have serious long-term consequences. Thus, you should prevent it at all means and repair it as soon as possible if it occurs.

Can soda in a gas tank damage an engine?

Yes, putting soda in a gas tank may harm an engine, and the consequences can be severe.

When mixed with gasoline in the gas tank, the beverage’s chemical composition appears to turn the entire mess into an acidic slime that would eventually block an engine as if nothing else could.

To begin with, the sugar in a soda can cause it to become slimy and sticky when exposed to intense heat since the liquid split and became more condensed.

Furthermore, owing to the many chemicals combined with large volumes of soda, it might eventually harm your engine.

How much soda in a gas tank will ruin it?

Even a small amount of soda in a gas tank might cause problems. Some mechanics, however, believe that a tiny amount of this soda will not be enough to reach the engine. As a result, a tiny amount should not do any harm.

However, if you mix it with gasoline, a little quantity may get through and reach the engine, causing severe damage. 

In short, have your engine examined as soon as you see soda in the gas tank, even if it’s only a tiny quantity.

In this manner, you can make sure your engine is in good operating order and get it fixed if it breaks down. It will also assist you in preventing the condition from worsening.

Can you tell if someone put soda in your gas tank?

Soda in your gas tank can cause a variety of problems, including the engine shutting down or coughing up smoke. Alternatively, once the soda is in the engine, it may begin to stall.

It’s important to note that it can become slimy, sticky, and slurry when soda is exposed to high temperatures.

A large portion of the liquid will evaporate, leaving behind a slimy, sticky substance that might harm the engine.

As a result, if someone puts soda in your gas tank, you will notice the consequences as soon as you start your car.

Turn the engine off and get it examined after you’ve realized it’s having issues. Then, if you’re at a loss for what to do, you may keep reading.

soda in gas tank

How to get the soda out of a gas tank?

If you discover that your gas tank contains soda, you must remove it as soon as possible. It may, however, be a difficult task.

The first step is to turn off the engine and drain the gas tank. Later on, you’ll have to replace the gasoline filter.

It’s excellent if your gas tank has a gas cap or an entry from the trunk’s top. You’re allowed to peep inside if that’s the case. Some vehicles have it hidden behind the rear seat.

If this is the case, the soda can be seen floating on top of the gasoline in the tank. Because soda has a different chemical makeup from gasoline, you should recognize it among the fuels.


In a nutshell, prevent soda from entering in a gas tank. If you pour soda in a gas tank, your engine is likely to suffer serious harm. Soda includes components that will pollute the gasoline and lead to tank corrosion. A Coke can also become stuck in the tank. If left unchecked, it may cause your engine to degrade quickly.

One thing to note about soda is that it includes sugar and other ingredients. While the sugar may not create major problems, if you use a lot of it, it will wear out your engine and harm the most sensitive parts. As a result, you must avoid putting any in your engine and must prohibit anybody else from doing so.

As always, keep in mind that things such as soda won’t do any good with your fuel tank. Thus, whether you’re simply curious or planning on doing such, it’s not suitable for the engine. Furthermore, it can cause a nuisance and a lot of money for repairs when you can still prevent it.



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