50/50 Antifreeze Vs Regular Concentrate: Difference Explained

A lot of people are confused about the difference between a 50/50 antifreeze and a regular concentrate. You might be driving a vehicle for a long time already, but car drivers still do not know the difference between these two. With that, we have made this article for you. 

So what is the difference between 50/50 antifreeze and a regular concentrate? A 50/50 antifreeze means that the coolant is diluted already with some water. And a regular concentrate is made up of water, ethanol, and ethylene glycol.

Many car drivers do not know the difference between the two. Though some car drivers already have an idea, most of them still do not know anything about it. It is important to know the differences so that you will know what to use and when to use it. 

For a car driver, there can be a lot of fluid to be familiar with in your engine. Each of these fluids have their own function and their own contribution to the vehicle. It is important to know about it because it is vital to your vehicle. 

In this article, we’ll focus on the difference between 50/50 antifreeze and regular concentrate. Let us start. 

50 50 Antifreeze Vs Regular Concentrate

What Is The Difference Between 50/50 Antifreeze And Regular Concentrate?

The ideal mixture of coolant in your engine is about forty-nine percent (49%). The concentrated coolant has ninety-eight percent (98%). So if you will be buying a concentrated coolant, you have to calculate how much will have to go in. 

You also need to mix distilled water with the same amount of concentrate. If you get a pre-diluted 50/50, you will not have to mix anything. You also do not have to buy anything else. 

Do not use tap water. Tap water has chlorine and minerals, and these will leave scales in your engine. 

You can go as low as thirty-six percent (36%) if you are in a hot area. But you will dilute the anti-corrosion additives. Some people will use a pre-diluted 36/63 mix for hot weather. 

Which Antifreeze Is Better, 50/50 Or Regular?

A 50/50 mix with antifreeze and then water is the primary recommendation for most of the applications. This is because it delivers an all round cooling protection and a good performance. The premixed antifreeze is 50/50. 

What Happens If You Use Full-Strength Antifreeze?

If you use a full-strength antifreeze, it might do damage to your engine. A pure antifreeze has a higher freezing temperature in comparison to a coolant. As a result, your engine will overheat more. 

The engine can also lose its anti-corrosion and some other protective properties. In addition, a pure antifreeze has no sufficient heat capacity to keep an engine cool. If you put a pure antifreeze in the cooling system, the heat transfer capabilities will be lowered by thirty-five percent (35%). 

As a result, it can do damage to your engine, especially in hot weather. And if the water is mixed with the antifreeze, it will keep the performance additives like silicates, phosphates, and nitrates suspended in the mixture. 

If there is no water, the additives will settle on the bottom of the cooling system. If this happens, the additives will not effectively run through a cooling system. Some parts will also rust. 

Are Antifreeze And Coolant The Same As 50/50?

Antifreeze and engine coolant are similar, but they are not the same. Antifreeze is a concentrated liquid, and it should be diluted with water before it is used. You can also purchase a premixed engine coolant. 

Antifreeze is used in the cooling system of a vehicle. The engine coolant is a mixture of water and antifreeze. It has a standard ratio of 50/50. 

This is because the antifreeze will work best as a diluted liquid and makes it a coolant. A coolant usually has a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water. 


In summary, many car drivers still do not know what to use for their engines. They would wonder about the difference between a 50/50 antifreeze and a regular concentrate. 

This article is for those people. Read and use this guide as a reference.



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