My Car Is Leaking Water But Not Overheating: What To Do?

If your vehicle is leaking water, you have to resolve the issue right away. You first need to confirm if it is water that is leaking, and you have to have the sole cause of the leak and stop it immediately. You also need to remember that the water leaking from your vehicle must be stopped, and it can be from a minor issue or it can be from a significant issue. 

So what do you have to do if your car is leaking water but it is not overheating? There are plenty of things that you can do if your car is leaking water but it is not overheating because there are also a lot of reasons why it is happening. With that, the first thing that you should do is to find the cause of the event. 

In knowing the cause why it was happening, you will know what you should do about it. So it is very important to know the reason. Only then you will know what is the next step for resolution.  

In this article, we will discuss why your vehicle is leaking water but is not overheating and what you have to do if you are in this situation. 

My Car Is Leaking Water But Not Overheating

Why Is Your Car Leaking Water But Not Overheating?

You first need to ensure that it is water that is overheating. Next, you need to rule out the possibility that it is coolant or some other fluid. You can check the liquid by placing a paper under the leak. 

You can take a look at the fluid and take the color and the density of the water. The coolant is usually blue, and you can easily recognize oil. So here are the possible reasons if your car is leaking water. 

1. Your Ac Is Leaking Water Inside The Vehicle

Sometimes, the water leak can be caused by air conditioning. This can happen if the drain tubes in your air conditioning system are blocked. With that, the condensation will pool within your AC box.

 It can lead to a moldy smell. This will let you know that your vehicle leaves water on the passenger side floor or another area. You can repair this problem by removing the drain tube blockage. 

2. The Exhaust

The process of fuel combustion will lead to the system propelling a small quantity of water. This is normal. You might see water coming from the tailpipe. 

You have to check your coolant level so that you can confirm if the fluid is coolant. If the level of your coolant is acceptable, the water from your exhaust will be fine. 

3. The Cooling System

You need to confirm if the liquid that is leaking is indeed water and not coolant. The leak can be a cause of an issue with your cooling system. 

You can check if there is water leaking from the exhaust pipe. There might be a hole in your coolant reservoir, or there can be a hole in the radiator. 

4. The Windshield Washer System

Your water leak can also be a cause of water coming out from your windshield washer system. You can ignore the leak. This is not a severe issue.

5. A Physical Damage

If there’s water leaking from your vehicle when it is raining, you might be dealing with physical damage in your vehicle, and this damage or hole is letting the water inside your vehicle. The water will come from an external source. Look for the source of the leak if it is from your roof.

How To Fix A Car That Is Leaking Water?

This will depend on the cause of the leak. As mentioned above in this section, there are many reasons why your vehicle is leaking water. However, you cannot fix the issue if you do not know the issue. 

That is why if you find out that your vehicle is leaking water, the first thing you need to do is to find out the exact reason your vehicle is leaking water. If you already know the issue, that is the time that you will know how to fix the leak in your vehicle. 

Can You Drive A Car That Is Leaking Water But Not Overheating?

This depends. If the leak is just minor, then you might be able to drive for just a few miles. However, you need to know that this is not recommended nor advised. 

If the leak is significant, you need to stop your vehicle and then consult an expert. This is to avoid damages to your vehicle. 


In summary, water is also essential for your vehicle. You might notice that you are leaking water from your vehicle. This issue must be fixed right away. 

First, you need to check the issue and find out the exact reason for the leakage. Only then can you fix the problem.



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