Can A Bad Starter Drain A Battery? (All You Need To Know!)

Vehicles are essential, and we rely on vehicles for transportation. We rely on vehicles for daily activities and if we will ever be in the middle of emergencies. And vehicles have been with us for many years now, and over time, it has evolved and innovated. 

So can a bad starter drain a battery? Yes, a bad starter can drain your battery. This is one of the reasons that some car drivers will replace their batteries.

There might be plenty for a battery to drain but the most common is a bad starter. A bad starter is not good for your car battery. You can consult an expert to repair the bad starter and it can also be needed to be replaced. 

A vehicle also has a lot of components. These components must be in good condition so that your vehicle will operate efficiently. And talking about the components of a vehicle, the battery is a vital part of it. 

A lot of people are asking if a lousy starter can drain a battery. And because of that question, we have created this article to discuss if a lousy start can drain a car battery. So if you wish to know more, you can use this article as a guide. 

Stay and keep reading for more information. Let us get started.

Can A Bad Starter Drain A Battery

Can A Bad Starter Cause Your Battery To Drain?

Yes, a bad starter can drain your battery. This is one of the reasons that some car drivers will replace their batteries. If you have a malfunctioning starter, it will be hard to diagnose. 

If you have a failed starter, it is the same as having a drained battery, or you might have a malfunctioning alternator. The first symptom you’ll notice is that if you are trying to start your vehicle, it will make a sound like a person coughing or sputtering. 

Starting your vehicle will only take one second or two seconds, but you might have a problem if it takes longer than that. You should let your vehicle be diagnosed and looked at by experts. 

Can A Bad Starter Drain A Battery While Driving?

Yes, a bad starter can drain a battery if and if it is driving. There are many reasons why you have a faulty starter motor, and it can be a cause that your battery is draining. You might have a bad starter motor, and you should know the symptoms. 

If your starter motor or the solenoids are already worn out, there might be a grinding noise. You should take your vehicle to a mechanic so that it can be diagnosed.

Can A Bad Starter Drain A Battery When The Car Is Off?

Yes. The possibility is low, and it is pretty unlikely to happen, but it can still happen. 

If you have a faulty starter motor, it can consistently drain the battery of your vehicle. As a result, you will have a dead battery even if the engine is off. 

How To Tell If Starter Is Draining Battery?

The most common symptom for a bad starter is a screeching sound if you start your vehicle. But here is what you can do to check. First, you need your sense of hearing. 

Next, you can try and then turn over your engine. If your engine fails to turn over, it can be the reason that your battery is drained or if your starter can be damaged. A starter will generally have that humming sound and then a click. 

If it fails to start the engine, you have a problem. You should also eliminate if your battery is failing to start your vehicle. You can pop the hood of your vehicle and then take off all the battery terminals. 

You can start with the negative. You can reconnect them and turn on the headlights and the cabin lights of your vehicle. If the lights are all dim, then you might have a problem with your battery. 

If the lights are bright, there must be something wrong with your starter. There is also another method called percussive maintenance. This method usually works. 

You can pick up a hammer or maybe a wrench, and then you can lightly tap the sides of the starter. You can try and then start your vehicle again. 

What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad Starter?

If you have a bad starter, you will experience some symptoms. These are the things that you might experience if you have a bad starter.

1. Your Engine Might Not Turn Over

If you have a bad starter, the usual indicator is turning your key, and then nothing happens. A starter solenoid can cause this. Your motor can also be burnt out, or you might be having an electrical issue. 

But this can also be because of a dead battery. You might have to consult a mechanic and inspect the starter, ignition system, and other electrical components if this occurs.

2. The Motor Do Not Spin But The Starter Will Engage

There are moments when you turn the ignition switch, and you hear that starter engaging, but you do not hear the motor crank over. Problems with a starter can be mechanical. 

First, the gears must have been stripped or dislodged. These are the gears that are connected to the flywheel.

3. Grinding Sound

If the gear is connected to the starter and the flywheel is worn out, this can happen. Grinding can also happen inside the starter motor. You can call a mechanic to check this out.

4. Smoke When Starting The Vehicle

A starter is powered by electricity. The starter can then overheat because of the power supply. With this, there can be smoke from under your vehicle.

Can A Bad Starter Drain A Battery Overnight?

A lousy starter can drain a battery overnight. This can take up too much energy, and it can drain your battery. This is the reason why you end up having a drained battery overnight.

Can A Bad Starter Solenoid Drain A Battery?

If the vehicle starts and the starter won’t use any battery power, it is the same if the engine is turned off. The starter is connected to the battery, but it can be triggered if the ignition switch is turned to the start position. This is because the starter solenoid can have an internal short, and it can drain the battery without the ignition switch being turned on.

Can A Bad Starter Relay Drain A Battery?

Yes. A relay switch that is stuck with the on position can make the battery drain. A faulty or unreliable charging system can also drain the battery if the vehicle is running. A bad alternator or a bad starter relay can cause the battery to durian.

Can A Dead Starter Kill A Battery?

Yes. The components of the vehicles are complex. In its complexity, one faulty component can do damage or affect the other components. A dead starter can still drain the battery.

How To Fix A Bad Starter?

You can do it first with a hammer. Then, you can give it a few more starts. You can also replace your lousy starter. 

You also have to know first the specific problem with your starter. If you know already, you can then fix a bad starter. If you’re not sure, you have to consult a mechanic.   


In summary, a bad starter can drain your battery, and a drained battery is something that almost all car drivers experience. 

Battery drain is standard. That’s why you need to know the reason why a battery drains.

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