Prius Won’t Turn Off: Why And What To Do? (Explained!)

A Toyota Prius is a perfect and reliable vehicle on the road. However, it is a machine that has so many parts that are interconnected. Machines are not perfect. 

So why will your Prius not turn off and what can you do about it? You might own a Prius and are stuck in a situation where you cannot turn it off. One solution you can do is that you can hold down the power button for about three seconds. 

This is the safety override. Machines also fail, and there are times when machines do not operate properly. So we have created this article so that people will know how they can turn off their Prius. 

There are a lot of car drivers who own a Prius and they have been complaining about how they turn off their Prius. A lot of people may own a Prius but most of them have these issues. And these people have been asking on the internet what to do about it. 

So for the convenience of everyone, here is the article meant to address this problem. This article will focus on why your Prius will not turn off and what you can do to turn it off. So without further ado, let us start.

Prius Won't Turn Off

How To Turn Off A Prius?

You might own a Prius and are stuck in a situation where you cannot turn it off. One solution you can do is that you can hold down the power button for about three seconds. 

This is the safety override. This will put your Prius in accessory mode. Hold your foot off the brake and press the power button two times in a fast manner. 

Why Your Prius Won’t Turn Off?

If your Prius will not turn off, there is always a reason for everything. So, if you’ll find yourself in a situation where your Prius will not turn off, here are the reasons.

1. You Might Have A Dead High Voltage Battery

The internal combustion engine will not start in your vehicle if your high voltage battery is dead. Because of the risk of electrocution, as the battery will produce over two hundred volts (200), it’s advised to have your vehicle checked by a professional mechanic.

2. You Might Have A Dead 12v Battery

Your 12v auxiliary battery in your Prius is not the one that is starting your engine. However, it will keep all the electrical systems running even if your vehicle is parked. The voltage of the battery in your Toyota Prius is measured in a precise manner using a multimeter. 

So before you test, the multimeter must be set to the voltage range of the car battery. It must be linked to its plus and then minus poles. Successful testing of your battery is checking the voltage.

3. You Might Have A Weak Key Fob Battery

If your Prius has a push start or stop button, it is possible that your vehicle cannot start because of a weak essential fob battery. But do not worry; you can still turn on your vehicle because the battery is used only in sending signals for the locking and unlocking of your vehicle. If your essential fob battery is empty, this means that the door can no longer be locked or unlocked.

4. You Might Have A Clogged Fuel Filter

The fuel filter of your Toyota Prius will not wear out, but it can be clogged or be corroded. The filter will drop its permeability and the pressure too. 

5. You Might Have A Fuel Pump Failure

If the fuel pump of your Toyota Prius fails, your engine will not start. The pump will generally ensure that the necessary amount of fuel will be passed from the tank and to the system’s rejection. 

Before your fuel pump stops working, it will be noticed. If the engine of your vehicle breaks down, the vehicle will have difficulty starting.

What To Do When Your Prius Won’t Turn Off?

If your Toyota Prius will not turn off, here are some things that you can do.

1. Hold The Power Button

Hold the power button for about a few seconds. You can do this so that you can check if your vehicle will not turn off. If it does not turn off, you may have to disconnect the 12v battery. 

You can disconnect the negative battery cable where it was bolted to the body. You can also disconnect the positive cable in the jump start terminal in the engine compartment. 

2. Replace Combination Meter

You can also repair your combination meter. If it cannot be repaired, you can replace it. 

The combination meter is the one robust to the odometer data. This means that the current mileage will be programmed into the new unit. 

Will Prius Turn Off Without A Key?

No, it will not stop mid-ride. It might give you a warning that the key is no longer in the vehicle, but if you do not turn it off, it will keep on running until you run out of gas or if your car battery will die. 

2010 Prius Won’t Turn Off: What To Do?

The 12-volt battery is dead, or it might have been discharged. If your vehicle is new, the battery cannot be worn out. 

You might have left something turned on for the whole night. You can try to recharge your battery. You can also replace it.

2007 Prius Won’t Turn Off: What To Do?

There can be different reasons for that. Some have something to do with the battery and some other components in their vehicle. If you want to be sure, you need to consult a mechanic. 

An expert mechanic will give you the reason and the correct diagnosis. They have the tools and the equipment to know what is wrong with your Toyota Prius.

2005 Prius Won’t Turn Off: What To Do?

There are a lot of reasons, but the most common is that you have lousy ground in your electrical system. If you have a bad ground connection, it can create a lot of kinds of electrical problems. It will present sufficient voltage to reach the components that need it the most. 

You can try to turn off your Prius, and then you can hold down the power button for up to thirty seconds. You must be sure that there is a faulty ground connection. It would be best to consult an expert or a certified mechanic so that they diagnose your Toyota Prius.


In summary, a Toyota Prius is a good vehicle. A lot of people like the Toyota Prius because they are reliable for long drives. 

However, some of these people are asking why they cannot turn their Prius off. There are several reasons why your Toyota Prius will turn off. Learn the reasons to know the solution.

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