Car Won’t Start No Noise: What To Do? (Explained!)

As a car driver, you would sometimes experience your vehicle not starting. This is a situation no driver wants to be in. It is such a hassle and hinders daily activities for the driver and the passenger as well. 

So what can you do if your vehicle will not start and it has no noise? You can call a friend or ask for help, get a jump starter, check your fuse box, check your starter, check your engine light, check your coils, check your wires and spark plugs, check your fuel tank, you might have a bad fuel pump, or you can check your fuel lines.

If your vehicle will not start, there is something wrong with your vehicle. With that, you should check out what is wrong and find the solution as soon as possible. A lot of people have been complaining that their vehicle will not start and it has no noise. 

This occurrence is not unusual, but there are many possible reasons your vehicle will not start, and it produces no noise. 

So we have created this article for you to talk about why your vehicle will not start and has no noise and what you should do about it. So let us get started!

Car Won't Start No Noise

Reasons Your Car Won’t Start No Noise

If your vehicle will not start and it also produces no noise, plenty of reasons are responsible for it. One of these reasons is a dead battery. But there are also other reasons. We will state them below.

1. A Dead Battery

One reason why your vehicle will not start is because of a dead or a dying car battery. In addition, some electrical parts might not work because of the insufficient amount of power your car battery can provide. 

2. Ignition Switch And Fuses

If your car battery’s in good shape and the power is not off, you should check if you have blown a fuse or you might have a faulty ignition switch. You have to ensure that you check your owner’s manual to find the location of your fuse or your metal wire. You should check for any damages on this. 

3. A Failed Ignition Switch Signs

There are symptoms if you have a failing ignition switch or you might have a bad ignition. This can cause your vehicle not to start and do not produce a sound. The ignition might also switch to the “on” position, giving power to the fuel pump and the ignition system. 

What To Do When Car Won’t Start No Noise

If your vehicle will not start and there is no noise, you can do the following.

1. Call A Friend Or Ask For Help

If you have a friend that you can call or someone who can help you, you can ask for their help. You can start the other vehicle and connect the negative cable and the positive cable to the negative terminal and the positive terminal of the other vehicle. 

You can then start the cracking. It can crank many times, and then it will start the engine. This is an easy fix. 

2. Get A Jump Starter

You can have a jump starter. This is a tool that you can carry anywhere you go, and this jumper has a good and powerful battery inside. 

The battery can hold a few amps. It can also jumpstart around five to ten vehicles even without recharging.

3. Check Your Fuse Box

You can check your fuse box. This is one of the first tasks you should do if your vehicle will not start and there is no noise. 

All the fuses are in your engine bay. It is beneath the big black box, or you can find it behind the glove box. All the electrical devices in your vehicle have a fuse.

4. Check Your Starter

If you put the key on the ignition and nothing happens, it might be a problem with a starter-related issue. The battery is good, but the vehicle has power, but if you start to crank it, the starter will not turn the engine on.

5. Check Your Engine Light

You can check your engine light on your dash if you put your key. You might have some problems with electrical components. For example, you might have problems with your fuses or your starter.

6. Check Your Coils

It would help if you had an OBD2 scanner tool so that you could perform this method. You can plug it in, and then you can read the codes. 

After you have diagnosed your vehicle and found that there are errors, you must clear them out. If you have cleared them and still have the problems, it is time to scan them properly.

7. Check Your Wires And Spark Plugs

Your spark plugs or wires might cause your vehicle to not start because of the no-noise problem. If you have an old V8 engine, you can take the cable from its place and then check if it will spark if your cranks. If it does not, you have to get a new pair of cables and spark plugs.

8. Check Your Fuel Tank

If you crank and your vehicle will not start, you should note whether you have fuel. You need to check your fuel tank. You might even have leaks that cause your vehicle to lose all its fuel.

9. You Might Have A Bad Fuel Pump

You should check if your fuel pump was terrible quickly. First, you can turn your key on, and then you should hear that clicking noise. The click means that your fuel pump has been engaged. 

10. You Can Check Your Fuel Lines

If all is good with your fuel tank and our ignition, it is a good choice that you check your fuel lines. The fuel filter can get clogged, and it can cause some problems. These filters must be changed 

How Do You Tell If It’s Your Starter Or Your Battery?

You have to check both the starter and the battery to know which one is the problem. If your vehicle will not start, the first thing you should check is the battery. Car batteries do it last forever, but the lifespan will be even shorter in extreme weather conditions. 

Turn off your overhead lights and everything. After that, try to start your vehicle again. You might also need to jump and get the car battery to go again. 

If you have jumped your car off and it keeps running but dies after a few seconds or minutes, then you might have an issue with your car battery. So check your battery. Check for the connections if there are any rusted or damaged. 

Check if your cables are worn out or damaged and need to be replaced. The car battery can be found under the hood of your vehicle. And then check your starter. 

Your battery will provide energy to the start, and this will use the energy so that you can turn the engine over, adn the car will get started. If you put the key on the ignition, you can hear a click if you turn the key, then you have a problem with your starter. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix This Issue?

To get this fixed, the average cost of your vehicle not starting and having no noise can be around ninety-two dollars ($92) to one hundred seventeen dollars ($117) dollars. But this price can go lower or higher depending on the mechanic and the pace.

Can This Issue Happen Again In The Future?

Yes. Owning a car comes with challenges. With that, this situation can happen in the future. 

This is not a significant problem, though. You have to identify the reason first and seek a solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about having a vehicle that will not start and has no noise.

Car Won’t Start No Noise, But Battery Is Good

Check you have a faulty starter. Your starter might not be working correctly. 

If your battery is good, then it must be your starter. However, there are still many reasons that can be the cause of having a vehicle not start.

Car Won’t Start No Noise, But Lights Work

You can check your fusible links, fuses, or your ignition switch. If my car battery is good, you have to check if you have blown a fuse or a usable link. 

You can check your owner’s manual to find the location of our fuse box and then open it. If there is no power in the vehicle, check the fuse for the metal wire. 

Car Won’t Start No Noise And Lights Don’t Work

Starter motors might make a clicking noise if they fail to work. This is not all the time, though. If you key on the ignition and hear that sound, you have a broken starter. 


In summary, having a vehicle die and not start is something that car drivers experience. There are plenty of reasons for this scenario. With that, you should drill down the specific reason. 

You cannot fix the problem if you do not know what it is. Know first the reason and then find the solution after. The guide above can help you determine the problem.

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