Can A Car Throw Codes Without Check Engine Light? (Explained)

You need to conduct an engine diagnostic if the self-diagnostic system of your vehicle is not detecting any problems at all. Your vehicle has a lot of components, externally and internally. These components must be in their best condition. 

So can a car throw codes without check engine light? The answer is yes. You can still diagnose or have your vehicle throw codes without check engine light.

But even without checking the engine light, you can still diagnose the performance of your engine and driveability problems like loss of engine power, engine stalling issues, no crank condition, challenging start condition, increased fuel consumption, engine knock, backfire, and many others. The OBD or the ON Board Diagnostic system has been helping automotive technicians to monitor and then find problems with the emission components or control systems that will have gone out of the standard operating parameters. 

Over the years, many emission-related systems and components have been incorporated into a list of computer-monitored systems. But some performance and driveability problems can appear without the computer setting any DTC. Many people have asked if their vehicle can throw codes even without checking the engine light. 

This happens to a lot of car drivers. And that is why we have this article. This article will discuss if a vehicle can throw codes without checking the engine light. Let us get started.

Can A Car Throw Codes Without Check Engine Light

Car Problems With No Check Engine Light

A vehicle has drivability problems from time to time. For example, there might be no check engine light, and there are no diagnostic trouble codes or DTCs stored in memory. The worst situation is if the vehicle has no check engine light. 

However, it does not mean that the engine will not run correctly or that the problem cannot be found if it cannot store a code. Drivability problems can be because of an engine stall, a transmission that does not shift properly, or a poor power complaint. 

Can You Diagnose My Car Without A Check Engine Light?

Yes, you can still do it. Many people think that they cannot diagnose their vehicle anymore if they have no check engine light, but you can still can.

Can You Get A Code Without Check Engine Light?

Yes, the check engine light is a federal mandate system. It will illuminate any system that will fail. The deferral government requires it. 

The check engine light has nothing with the actual engine, but it has something to do with the emission controls. The little light will not come on if you run the engine oil. It will also not come on if you run out of coolant. 

Both of these can damage the engine, but a no-check engine light will come until after the damage has been done. If you leave the gas cap loose or the exhaust gas recirculation valve will not open, there is no harm to your engine. 

However, the light will come on. The computer system in your modern vehicle cannot store a lot of information.

How To Pull Check Engine Light Codes?

There are plenty of different ways to access the check engine light or the multiple codes, even without a scanner or code reader. But the approach that you will choose will depend on if the vehicle will generate OBDI or OBDII codes. So you have to use the ignition.

The ignition key method is the most easy to obtain code. Turn the ignition key. Switch the on and off ignition key without running your engine. 

Do this a few times, and then make sure that you will flip the key in the on position. The number of times that you will need your ignition key to turn will depend on the model of your vehicle. Observe the dashboard behind your steering wheel, and if the lights are illuminated, stop the ignition key.

Why Does My Engine Light Not Come On?

It is a good sign if the check engine light is not coming on. If your dashboard displays the check engine light and it is not coming on, then the warning light can be burned out. If the dashboard is good, then the ECM can be defective and cause the light to come on. 

You can remove the sensor harness and then see if the light will come on. If it does come on, then the system is working. If the light doesn’t come on, you can check your computer for codes for the sensor you unplugged.

Can A Check Engine Light Be Disconnected?

You check if the engine light will come on if there is a problem with the emission control system or another computer-controlled system in the vehicle. The light will generate a code. 

This code will help you to narrow down your problems so that you can get fit fixed. You might need to reset your light manually after you make repairs if the code is straightforward. 

Can A Check Engine Light Stop Working?

It is a good sign if the check engine light is not coming on. If the dashboard is not on, the warning light can be burned out. If the dashboard light is good, the ECM is defective and will cause the light not to come on.


In summary, people have trouble with their vehicle not throwing codes without checking engine lights on. This situation can happen to anyone. 

Unfortunately, plenty of people don’t know how to diagnose anymore in this situation. But you can still do it.

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