How Long Can You Drive With Rod Knock? (Explained)

Car malfunction always happens, and you cannot avoid it even though your car maintenance is up to date. 

A rod knock is one example of a car malfunction, and you would never want to hear it because it is a scary noise.

So, how long can you drive with a rod knock? Driving your car with a rod knock can last up to six months. 

As your car engine idles, you will start hearing frightening loud sounds. You can hear a loud banging of sound that is enough to make you nervous. It is because the cost of repairing the part is so expensive. 

If this happens to you, you have no choice but to let your car get fixed. Engine rod is one delicate part of a car. So, when it’s broken, replacing it is a big deal in your pocket.

You can lessen this from happening by going to a repair shop every once or twice a year to get your car maintained or checked. Getting it to check, you will know if your car is still in its best performance or not.

If you doubt that your car engine performance will decrease, get it repaired as early as possible to avoid severe damages like rod knock. Let’s know more about rod knocks below. 

How Long Can You Drive With Rod Knock

Is It Safe To Drive With Rod Knock?

No, it is not safe to drive with a rod knock. However, you can still use your car even though it has a rod knock. But it is dangerous to drive it on a long-distance trip. 

If you prioritize your safety, you should better not use your car with a broken rod knock because it can cause accidents. You are risking your life while getting innocent and responsible car owners into trouble.

Also, it is not presentable to use because when you start your engine, it will create a disturbing sound.

How Long Can You Drive With Rod Knock?

You can still drive your car with a rod knock up to 6 months maximum. However, leaving your rod knocked will lead to more severe problems for other parts of the engine. 

It includes breaking the piston and cylinder wall in the car engine. As a result, you will get more parts fixed and more money to take out in your pocket. 

The engine rod is connected to the crack, or every cylinder collides in the rod bearing. So once you start a car engine with rod knocking, it will start knocking and slowly fracturing its part.

 If you let it be without replacing it, later on, you will be put in the situation that you are in a hurry, but your car gave due to the broken rod.

What Happens If You Don’t Fix A Rod Knock?

When you don’t fix the rod knock, the piston inside your engine will permanently jam, destroying the cylinder head. 

Until you can’t use your car anymore because the whole engine is already affected, if you notice that there is a rod knock happening inside the engine, get it fixed right away.

Is Rod Knock Serious?

You may think it is not because you can still drive the car with it present. But, yes, it is a severe car engine issue and costs a lot of money to repair. 

You may experience several problems if you keep driving the car. First, when the rod knocks the air-fuel inside is not mixed correctly, the fuel will begin to burn unevenly. 

Later on, it will gradually infect your engine’s piston, which will make your engine breakdown in a typical situation. 

Can You Save An Engine With Rod Knock?

Yes, you can save your engine with rod knock by replacing the part with new ones. It would help if you let the professional mechanic do it for you in replacing it. 

After you replace the rod, you can continue checking other parts near it because it is possible to get infected. 

Does Rod Knock Get Louder With RPM?

Yes, rod knock gets louder with RPM. It worsens until the cylinder wall and piston slap against each other. Once it happens, the sound will be more annoying and disturbing. 

Please don’t wait to get it worse because you are risking the health of other parts of your car engine. Once this happens, it becomes difficult for you to pay for all the broken parts of the engine simultaneously. 


In summary, rod knocks are a severe problem that must be attended to immediately. Although before doing so, observe first and check if the rod is broken. 

Because there are instances where a car engine creates a loud sound, especially during start-ups. However, you don’t know that because you’re not an expert. 

Don’t worsen the situation as a responsible car owner; contact the nearest car shop near your place.

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