Can You Use Diesel Oil In Gas Engine? (All You Need To Know)

Car drivers do not know everything, and that is a regular thing. And that is why these car drivers are asking if you can use diesel oil in a gas engine. So in this article, let’s talk about that.

So can you use diesel oil in a gas engine? The answer is yes. You can use diesel oil in your gas engine as long as the diesel oil meets the specifications and the viscosity of your engine.

If you are looking for a new vehicle, there are plenty of different factors and things you have to consider. Most people look for a vehicle, and they will start deciding what type of vehicle they want: a truck, an SUV, a sedan, and many more. These people will then move to decide and choose the desired features. 

But most of these people will stop there, but you have to consider if a gas engine vehicle is better for you and will suit your needs or a diesel engine will do the job. People would ask about what type of engine would be the best for them. Each vehicle has different specifications.

They even have a different lubrication oil. This oil will keep the parts of your vehicle lubricated and running smoothly. With that, we have made this article. 

This article will talk about using diesel oil in a gas engine. Gas engines and diesel engines have the same operations. 

These engines use internal combustion and a series of rapid explosions that will turn fuel into mechanical energy. So let us get started.

Can You Use Diesel Oil In Gas Engine

Will Diesel Oil Hurt A Gas Engine?

If the diesel meets the specifications and the viscosity requirements of the engine, then diesel oil can be used in the gas engine. But in most normal gasoline applications, diesel oil is not necessary. The most appropriate choice is that a quality gasoline motor oil is economical and practical. 

But you cannot use diesel oil in a gas engine if they have different heat capacities. Do not use it if the engines are also designed differently. However, if you want to be on the safer side, the best decision is not to use diesel oil as a gas engine. 

There are a lot of car drivers who want to be on the safe side, and they do not want to risk anything. Some drivers would never risk the condition of their vehicles. 

It is a total hassle for vehicles to break down or have trouble. Few people would do this thing and put diesel oil in a gas engine. 

What Happens If You Put Diesel Oil In A Gas Engine?

The diesel oil is much thicker and denser in comparison to gasoline. The fuel pump will struggle in moving the diesel/gasoline mixture to the system. The diesel will not also pass through the fuel filter. 

With that, it will clog up the fuel filter. The diesel will then make its way to the engine and clog the fuel injectors. As a result, the engine will seize up. 

The gasoline engine can run for a little while. Putting gasoline in a diesel tank will be worse. This is because gasoline’s high combustion tendencies will ignite sooner than diesel fuel. 

Difference Between Diesel And Gasoline Engine Oil

Gasoline and diesel engine oil are produced by mixing base oils and additives to achieve the desired performance. But in examining the lubricant needed for performance, there are different things. 

1. Viscosity

When thinking about engine oil, the viscosity comes to mind. Having the correct viscosity is crucial. 

The diesel engine oil has a higher viscosity and a lower temperature pumpability than gas engine oil. If used in gas engines, there are some issues like premature wear, tear, heat generation, and many more.

2. Additive Levels

Additives are essential elements for engine oils. But each engine oil has a different level per volume, and they also have different components. 

The diesel engine oil has a lot of additives and will make the oil handle the significant pressure of the engine. If additives are added to the gasoline oil, they will affect the vehicle’s performance and will result in a decrease in efficiency and compression.

3. Replacement Intervals

Different types of engine oils are available in the market, and each of these has a different recommended lifespan. For example, the high level of additives in the diesel oil will last longer and lesser oil changes. 

4. Converter And Emissions

The catalytic converter is a component in the exhaust system, and it has a metal filler. It is positioned in between the muffler and the engine. 

The job is to transform the harmful emission of the engine before they enter the atmosphere. One significant difference is that the diesel engine oils have a higher anti-wear level, and the catalytic converters in diesel systems are made for it. 

Is 15w40 Diesel Oil In Gas Engine Ok?

If you use 15w40, it might consume more fuel because the engine’s crank is more loaded. The oil will not blow off, and you have to wear out the engine faster. This is because the oil will not flow to the vehicle’s moving parts faster. 

Is Rotella Diesel Oil In Gas Engine Ok?

A Royal Dutch Shell is producing Shell Rotella. This is a line of heavy-duty engine lubrication products. People say it is okay to use it. Some people also say that it is not.


In summary, car drivers keep asking if they can put diesel oil in their gas engines. Some experts would say to go with it as long as the specifications and the viscosity are the same. 

However, many people would stay on the safe side. They would never risk the condition of their vehicles.

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