Can You Mix Blue And Green Coolant? (Explained!)

Indeed, coolant is essential for your car; and its primary purpose is to transfer heat and prevent your car engine from getting damaged by severe freezing or heat.

So, can you mix blue and green coolant? Yes, you can mix blue and green coolant, but make sure that they are of the same type when you make them. 

Mixing them can protect the metals and non-metallic parts in your, including the cooling circuit. For example, check out below what will happen if you mix blue and green coolant. 

Can You Mix Blue And Green Coolant

Can You Mix Blue And Green Antifreeze?

Yes, you can mix blue and green antifreeze as long as they are in the same type. For example, you can mix blue with your old green antifreeze without getting a problem. 

Mixing blue and green antifreeze creates a liquid coolant that is perfect for cooling your engine while you’re driving your car. 

But if you try mixing a significant amount of one type with another, you are just weakening your car corrosion inhibitors. These will lead to future problems that will cause an accident if you don’t prevent it. 

An antifreeze color is made for convention when choosing your car so that it is easy for you to choose the best antifreeze for your car. 

It is because mixing the wrong antifreeze could end up your antifreeze turning to gel rather than liquid. When your antifreeze turns to gel, it will block the passage of your coolant system, and it will not cool your engine enough. 

It would be best never to mix any coolant based on your color perspective because there are instances it won’t match your car engine. If you have no idea what color of coolant your car needs, ask for expert advice. 

Is There A Difference Between Blue And Green Coolant?

Yes, there is a difference between blue and green coolants. Green coolant is the color of a healthy engine coolant, the same as an orange. 

The rusty colors indicate that the coolant in your car has broken down. It can no longer control the rust and scale buildup in your coolant system. 

While, if your coolant gets milky, it indicates the presence of unwanted oil in your car system. 

Moreover, checking your coolant is easy to forget, but you shouldn’t because engine coolant is the same as necessary as your car oil. As an owner, you should be responsible for your car; it is also for your safety and the people you are with when you’re using your car. 

What Will Happen If You Mix Blue And Green Coolant?

Mixing two colors with the same type creates good results for your car. It will protect your car’s coolant system properly and effectively. 

You must always check your car’s coolant if it’s still in good condition because coolants could rise to a boiling point during summer and lower during winter. 

To maintain your car coolant system function, first, you should check your coolant, then if you notice something that is not right, call a technician right away.

Never do the job if you don’t know about it because you might put something in your car that isn’t intended for its system.


In summary, there’s no problem in mixing colors of coolants for your car. However, make sure that the color of the coolant you will mix is with the same brand and type. 

Because mixing it with another color with different brands and types might block your cooling system and cause misfire and engine failure. 

Doing this makes sure that your car cooling system is in good health and will protect your car engine adequately during any weather.



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