Can You Mix Red And Green Antifreeze? (Explained!)

People are wondering whether they could mix the red and green antifreeze. If you belong to those people, this is your chance to find the answer.

So can you mix red and green antifreeze? The answer is yes; you can mix red and green antifreeze. However, it does not mean that you should because mixing red and green antifreeze can cause problems in your engine system. 

Just because you can mix red and green antifreeze does not mean that it is safe to mix it. If you want to try it, then you can mix the two of them. However, it will not guarantee that it will have good results for your vehicle and your vehicle’s engine. 

This article will help you by explaining everything you need to know about the red and green coolant. Let us get started.

Can You Mix Red And Green Antifreeze

Can You Mix Red And Green Coolant?

If you mix different kinds of coolants, it can cause problems and issues for the system of your engine. Some experts would even say never to entertain such an idea. Even an attempt must not be made. 

Experts would strongly recommend only using the recommended fluid and the suitable fluid so that you will only use antifreeze in your vehicle’s system. Almost all the vehicles are produced with the specific antifreeze that must be used. It is the most suitable engine coolant that is meant for your vehicle. 

As mentioned, you can use some other type of coolant, but there will be risks along the way. You must know the vital part only by using the recommended fluid for your vehicle. If you also try to use some other coolant, you must refer to the specifications and the recommendations of your vehicle’s manufacturer. 

But the bottom line is that you should not mix two different types of antifreeze. So to answer this question, we must first talk about the different types of antifreeze. In every vehicle, different types of antifreeze are recommended and suitable for every vehicle. 

The color of the coolant is also essential, and each color has its meaning. So you can mix red and green coolant, but it is not recommended. There can be risks and issues that can happen to your vehicle and its engine. 

The green antifreeze is using an IAT or inorganic additive technology formula. The IAT or inorganic additive technology formula is known to be the oldest technology that is used in antifreeze manufacturers. This is because they have to operate for decades now. 

They have also already produced a pre-2000 generation of cars. This green coolant is also very effective against corrosion. The green antifreeze can last for as long as three (3) years. 

After three (3) years, you have to change the coolant and have a new one. This type of coolant is recommended for old cars that are manufactured.  The red antifreeze, on the other hand, is manufactured with HOAT or hybrid organic acid technology. 

There are two kinds of red antifreeze that you can buy in the market. This red antifreeze can be used for European vehicles, Asian vehicles, and Japanese vehicles. 

You can also use this red antifreeze for honda vehicles, Nissan vehicles, Hyundai vehicles, and Toyota vehicles. You can also call a red coolant dexcool. This red antifreeze can last for about four years.

Is There A Difference Between Red And Green Antifreeze?

Yes, they have their differences. However, the most significant difference between a red coolant and a green coolant is their lifespan. The red coolant has a longer lifespan than the green coolant. 

The red coolant or the dexcool is known to function for a more extended period than another type of coolant. The HOAT or the hybrid organic acid technology is produced because of the combination of oat or organic acid technology and IAT or inorganic acid technology. The HOAT or the hybrid organic acid technology is now used in making red coolant. 

The red coolant is also more efficient compared to the green antifreeze. The red antifreeze also enhances your water pump’s lifespan and the other components of your vehicle’s system. Now, green antifreeze is a classic type of antifreeze. 

It is made to use in first-generation vehicle models. So, in conclusion, this green antifreeze is not advanced and is still not modernized. So when compared to other types of antifreeze, they are not above them. 

The green coolant is made using old technology (inorganic acid technology), and the red coolant is made with modern technology (hybrid organic acid technology). As a result, the green antifreeze does not usually last after two or three years. With that, it is cheaper to purchase it. 

The green coolant has a thick protective layer, and it is used in older cars. The thick protective layer can help prevent any leaks and small cracks in your vehicle’s cooling system. Unfortunately, the green antifreeze is also less effective than the red antifreeze.

What Will Happen If You Mix Red And Green Antifreeze?

The green coolant is a classic type of coolant. They can last for about three years. After, you then have to replace them. 

You can also change them for about every fifteen (15) miles. The more advanced and modern coolant comes in different types of color, and the red coolant is the famous one. The red antifreeze can last for about five (5) years or every fifteen (15) miles. 

So it would be much better if you will use red antifreeze. So if you mix the red antifreeze with the green antifreeze, you will have inaccurate readings if the mechanics will read the freezing point. Mixing the two of them will not cause significant problems like ignition or an explosion, but it can cause harm to your vehicle. 

So if someone or a mechanic will check to see if you have enough coolant in your system or check the freezing point, they have wrong readings or data. So this will be dangerous because you might think that you have enough antifreeze in your system, but then it turns out that you do not. If it gets really cold, then you might end up cracking your engine. So with that, you will know how important it is for you to stick with your recommended coolant. 

So if you now have an older car and notice that it still has a green antifreeze, you can change it with the red antifreeze. You have to flush them all out and replace them with a new one. 

You also have to change it for about one hundred fifty (150) miles. So it would be better not to mix the two of them.

Can You Mix Red And Green Antifreeze In A Semi-Truck?

As mentioned, you can mix the red and the green antifreeze, but it is never recommended. It is strongly prohibited. 

It is best to follow the recommended fluid and the recommended coolant color for your vehicle. Do not mix both because it will give you some issues.


In summary, antifreeze is essential for your vehicle. It keeps your engine from overheating. There are different types of antifreeze. 

Every vehicle has its own recommended coolant. With that, it is best to stick with the recommended fluid for your vehicle. Mixing two different coolants can cause damage and is risky for you and your vehicle.



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