Can You Mix Pink And Orange Antifreeze? (Explained!)

The variety of antifreeze can be confusing when you decide which color of coolant will respond best to your vehicle. In addition, the different colors of these coolants can mean that each one of them carries different properties of the liquid.

Can you mix pink and orange antifreeze? Yes, you can mix pink and orange antifreeze safely. Mixing different colors of coolants isn’t recommended, but mixing these two colors is acceptable. 

However, mixing distilled water with either pink and orange antifreeze is way better and safer for your car.

Can You Mix Pink And Orange Antifreeze

Can You Mix Pink And Orange Coolant?

Yes, you can mix pink and orange coolants because they contain an ethylene glycol substance that cools the car engine perfectly.

However, mixing both coolants should have measurements. For example, you should know how much you should mix the pink coolant with the orange coolant.

Pink coolant is a hybrid organic acid technology type of coolant which you can mix with organic and inorganic acid technology coolants. When you mix it with orange, its silicates substance can extend the life of your coolant system up to 5 years. 

However, it would be best to let a professional mix two coolants because you might put the wrong amount of this coolant if you do it yourself. 

By this, you can make sure that your coolant won’t get compromised by mistake. 

Is There A Difference Between Pink And Orange Antifreeze?

Yes, there are differences between pink and orange antifreeze. First, it’s the manufacturer—next, its composition and ingredients, and lastly, the process of making both coolants.

You’ll already know the difference; however, no matter how different they are, you can still mix them without getting any problem.

Moreover, mixing the wrong color of antifreeze can impair the performance of your car coolant. It could result in an increase of corrosion to the radiator part of your coolant. Not only will your radiator get damaged, but it will continue to the next part near the radiator until all engines fail.

What Will Happen If You Mix Pink And Orange Antifreeze?

Mixing pink and orange antifreeze forms peachy-like antifreeze. But before mixing pink and orange antifreeze, first, make sure that your coolant or antifreeze solution is not pre-diluted. 

It means your coolant doesn’t contain any liquid; for example, if all the components inside its container are antifreeze, there should be no water mixture. 

To protect your car engine from freezing, putting a 50 percent amount of coolant and 50 percent distilled water is recommended to mix. While, if the temperatures are below 34 Fahrenheit, 70 percent of coolant mixed with 30 percent of tap water is advisable. 

If it’s summer, you can protect your car engine by mixing pink and orange antifreeze. As the car owner, you should know what kind of coolant you need in any weather. So that when that weather comes, you already replace your coolant that will help your car engine maintain its function. 


In summary, not all coolants can’t be mixed together; there are some that you can mix and won’t give you any problem. 

However, it is not advisable to mix two different coolants. Besides, all coolant’s purpose is to keep your engine cool during any weather.

Therefore, you don’t need to mix it because there is no purpose to mix your coolant. 

If your reason is you want to change your coolant color, why don’t you drain your first coolant then replace it with a new color of your liking instead of mixing both?

By this, you are preventing any harm to your coolant system, and it is much safer too.



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