Can You Put A Turbo In An Electric Car? (All You Need to Know)

Technology evolves drastically. Including car models, the engine also changes. Before, you could run a car engine using fuel; however, today, you can use a car by using only electric power. 

So, can you put a turbo in an electric car? No, you can’t put a turbo in an electric car. It is because it already has the most upgraded system. 

Electric cars are not that typical regular car you can find everywhere. Only a few individuals own it. A car with a turbo is different from an electric car. So their mechanisms should not be mixed. If you plan to put a turbo in your electric car, you need to consider it before deciding. 

Specify before putting a turbo in an electric car since its engine is not the same as a regular car. The majority of its engine is made out of electric wires and batteries. 

Electric cars are already out in some countries. Individuals have bought them with enough money because these cars are pretty expensive. 

Since these cars are made with complex mechanisms that need a lot of effort to complete, engineers sold them at a high price, and some let people bid on them. 

This article will guide you to understand if you can put a turbo in an electric car. 

Can You Put A Turbo In An Electric Car

Is It Possible To Put A Turbo On An Electric Car?

No, it is impossible to put a turbo on an electric car. Instead, Turbo is placed next to the engine chamber; gas flows to kick start the car. 

An electric car engine chamber is different from an average car. Instead of using gas, it uses energy. 

It is unique from a regular car engine. Also, electric cars are more sensitive compared to other car models. Therefore, there is a possibility that when one wire is not working, the other will be affected. 

Are Electric Turbochargers Any Good? 

A turbocharger device contains kinetic energy. These kinetic energy exhaust gasses boost the air pressure entering the combustion chamber.

It also works well in an electric car. Ensure that its Turbo is charged to its required level because overcharging might cause trouble inside the electric car engine. 

Is It Worth Putting A Turbo In An Electric Car?

No, it is not worth putting a turbo in an electric car. Though Turbo increases your car acceleration level, it is not applicable for electric cars.

Electric cars already have their acceleration mechanism. However, you can increase its level by using the specific turbocharger that an electric car needs.

How To Install A Turbo On An Electric Car?

Installing a turbo on an electric car is different from a standard car engine. Here are the steps when installing a turbo in an electric car:

1. Check The Car Compressor

The compressor is where the exhaust turbine wheel spins its turboshaft. And the pitch of the wheel determines the housing of the airflow and boosts pressure. For electric cars, the small size of the compressor is most efficient to boost its acceleration.

2. Pick The Right Turbine

Choosing the suitable turbine for your electric car engine is essential. Choosing the small size of the turbine is enough for the electric car engine to respond quickly in boosting pressure.

The rule is always to pick the most miniature-size tools for the electric car because it responds more efficiently to small-size tools. 

3. Heat And Intercooling System

After installing the turbine, set the heat and cooling system in its proper system. It protects your car from overheating. Yes, electric cars also overheat when the heating and cooling system inside their engine is not working correctly.

4. Fuel System

Of course, electric cars don’t use fuel. Instead, they use electric energy. Also, an electric car needs specific energy to run, significantly if you boost its Turbo to its highest level. 

Meaning the electric car needs more energy than before. Upgrading your electric car is worth enough energy to experience the best road trip of your life. 

Can You Turbo A Tesla?

No, you can’t Turbo a tesla. However, you can do turbocharging to increase it. Tesla is already at high speed. You don’t need to put in an extra turbo to accelerate it. 


In summary, electric cars have different mechanisms. Though some parts are the same as the standard car engine, it is more complex. 

Electric cars use energy; you need to charge it using turbocharging to run it. It will recharge the car’s battery and increase its level of acceleration.

Moreover, putting an extra turbo on an electric car is unnecessary. Since it is already systematically made with high-level parts, please don’t change it too much. 

Too many changes and development might cause damage to the car system.



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