4 Things To Do Before You Turbo Your Car (Explained!)

Nowadays, car owners dream about having a fast and reliable car. So they tend to enhance every bit of the car parts to achieve it.

A force induction is the best way to transform your car into a supercar. But before going to that part, you need to use a turbocharger in your car engine.

After that, you can increase your car’s horsepower by modifying its turbo. Putting a turbo naturally aspirated engine doesn’t change how it works. 

The difference is that when you install a turbo in your car engine, it expels more exhaust gases. It also lets the engine compress more fresh air into its combustion chamber. 

When your engine exhausts more air, it will also provide more power to run your car. 

However, the turbo can also create loud sounds. Also, when installing one, you should know the right size of the turbo that is compatible with your car engine.

As the turbo starts working inside the engine, it heats up quickly. It heats the incoming air automatically, making it dense and rich in oxygen, supporting the power output. 

You can check below to learn more about what you need to do before installing a turbo in your car.

Things To Do Before You Turbo Your Car

How Do I Prepare My Car For Turbo

Here are the things that you should prepare before you turbo car.

1. Prepare The Turbocharger

You need to purchase the turbocharger first. Though it is tough to choose the best turbocharger for your car, you can ask a professional.

You can also review readings and research about turbochargers compatible with your cars. 

2. Check Fuel Component

If you’re planning to turbo your car, you need to check your fuel component to see if it matches the requirement. You need a high-level fuel component to support the upgraded engine. 

If your fuel component doesn’t match the turbo requirements you want to install, you need to replace it. 

3. Monitor Your Car Engine

You need to monitor your car first to make a significant change to your car engine, such as turbocharging. 

There are instances that your car might have minor damages that can affect the turbocharging process.

4. Cooling System

Turbo creates a lot of heat in your engine. Adding an extra intercooler can help it keep the temperature to its normal range.

Neglecting to check your cooling system before turbocharging might cause a sudden fire-up of your car engine. 

How To Know That My Car Can Handle A Turbo?

You will know that the car is ready to handle turbo if you have already done these four things, such as preparing turbochargers, checking fuel components, monitoring the car engine, and lastly, checking the cooling system. 


In summary, before car modification, make sure that you check first the essential component of your engine. 

You can ensure that your car can handle new parts and won’t have any problems in the future. 

Moreover, your safety will be at risk if you don’t undergo precautions before upgrading your car engine system.



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