Can You Put A Turbo On A V4 Engine? (All You Need To Know)

People keep asking if they can put a turbo on a V4 engine. So, with that in mind, let’s continue the discussion in this article. So let us start.

So can you put a turbo on a V4 engine? The answer is yes if you can find a kit meant for your vehicle with all the fuel enhancements engine management mods and within your budget.

The turbochargers come in different sorts, sizes, and specifications. You will cover a wide range of applications that will cover a broad range of applications serving a lot of specifications. The turbochargers work by the exhaust gasses from an engine that spins in the exhaust turbine connected to the intake turbine by the shaft. 

With that, the intake turbine will spin the exhaust turbine and induce the airflow into the intake side of the turbo. The intake turbine pressurizes this airflow and is forced into an intercooler piping. The air is flowing through the intercooler piping through the intercooler where there is a drop in the temperature by the intercooler piping and then into the intake manifold in the car. 

If you also want to know if you can put a turbo on a V4 engine, this article is made for you. So without further ado, let us start.

Can You Put A Turbo On A V4 Engine

Can You Install A Turbo On A V4 Engine?

Suppose there is a kit specific to your vehicle and with all the fuel enhancements and engine management mods that you will need. It is an exciting experience to have a turbo on your V4 engine. But it can damage the resale value of your vehicle, and if you fix it, it can be problematic. 

Some people will not advise it because for you to install it properly, you have to reduce the engine’s compression ratio, and you will have to require redesigned pistons and crankshaft. If you do not care much about the engine’s longevity, then it is not necessary. 

On the other hand, if you install a turbocharger without reducing the engine’s compression ratio, the engine will be subjected to a lot of strain. It can also be costly.

How To Install A Turbo On A 4-Cylinder?

Here are the steps for installing a turbo on a V6 engine. 

1. The Compressor

On the cold side or the pressure side of the turbo system is a compressor. The fuel and the air will exit the exhaust port, spin the exhaust turbine wheel, and spin the turboshaft connected to the compressor wheel. The pitch of the wheel and the size of the wheel, and the shape of the top of the housing will tell the mixture of airflow and boat pressure. 

The rule is to pick the compressor size that can give efficiency. For example, a small compressor wheel is lower in the rpm range. 

It will make more heat in the engine with high speeds. It will restrict flow in higher RPMs. A large compressor can boost lag.

2. The Turbine

Choosing a turbine involves picking the wheel small enough to respond quickly and large to spin the compressor. The rule is to pick the minor wheel diameter that will give you and meet your horsepower goals. 

3. The Bypass Valves

Boost pressure is made to create exhaust pressure and a spinning compressor wheel. It can feed the entire engine and give it more boost. 

This is called the overboost. It is controlled by a wastegate valve that bypasses the exhaust gasses around the turbo. 

How Much HP Does A Turbo Add To A V4?

A turbocharged engine is working with the exhaust system, and it can potentially give you gains of seventy (70) to one hundred dirty (150) horsepower. The engine is directly connected to the supercharger, which provides between fifty and one hundred horsepower.

How Much Does It Cost To Put A Turbo On A V4?

This will depend on the vehicle, the situation, and the resources that are available to you. The overall cost of putting a turbo can range anywhere between five hundred dollars ($500) to five thousand dollars ($5,000). 

You can do negotiations and have a low price but a good quality. No one would want to spend a lot of money on poor quality. 

Is It Better To Turbo Or Supercharge A V4?

The supercharger has no lag. The air pump is connected directly to the engine’s crankshaft. As a result, it is constantly spinning and responsive.

The power boost and the engine response will increase in direct proportion. The primary drawback of the turbo is boost lag. 

The supercharger is efficient. The superchargers use the engine’s power so that it can spin. As a result, supercharged engines tend to be less fuel-efficient. 

Can A 4-Cylinder Turbo Beat A V6?

The modern turbocharged four-cylinder engines, if appropriately engineered, will beat or match the naturally aspirated V6 in all categories. The turbo fours are light, and they are also more efficient. 

So it can be more potent than a naturally aspirated V6. But V6 will do better in towing capacity.

How To Make A 4-Cylinder Faster Than A V8?

This will happen if the four-cylinder engine is turbocharged and the V8 is naturally aspirated. This means that it does not have a supercharger or a turbocharger. But if the V8 is large enough, it can make more power than the turbocharged engine. This is because you can get a cold air intake for your car. Your vehicle’s four-cylinder engine is powered by compressing air and fuel and then igniting it. So the level of compression in your engine will make more power.


In summary, turbo is famous for adding power to every engine. So with that, people with vehicles have been asking if they can put a turbo on a V4 engine. 

You can put a turbo on a V4 engine. You can also seek expert knowledge from a certified mechanic.



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