Can You Sleep In Your Car In Florida? (2022 Updated)

Drivers sometimes get tired during long drives. An exhausted driver that has been on a long drive may want to pull over for a few hours to re-energize. 

So, can you sleep in your car in Florida? Yes, no federal law prohibits you as motorists and drivers from sleeping inside your car in Florida. However, you are only allowed to sleep for three hours inside your car in Florida. 

Traveling to another country takes time, especially when traveling by land. It will take you days to reach your destination. In addition, Florida has different rules and regulations compared to other states regarding the hours you can pull over your car and sleep. 

In Florida, if you find yourself catching sleep for more than 3 hours in the place, you are in a huge mess. 

People take naps on long car rides. Hence, sleeping rules in Florida are something that you should avoid doing. 

Nevertheless, there are places in Florida available for you to pull over and take a nap. First, however, you need to be familiar with these places. You also need to know their local laws to help you determine where you can and cannot sleep in this state. 

If you are a traveler and you’re planning to pass by Florida, take time to read this article to help you know where to sleep legally in Florida. 

Can You Sleep In Your Car In Florida

Can I Sleep Legally In My Car In Florida?

Every country has different rules regarding its parking area, and it changes wherever you go. There is no such law that will prevent you from catching some rest while driving in any state in the United States. However, you will find Florida has strict rules regarding their sleeping rules. 

Florida has strict rules that allow drivers to follow their 3-hour parking rule without overnight parking or camping in their area. 

Moreover, the 3-hour parking rule is enough to get you rested and energize you to continue your travel. 

Where Can I Legally Sleep In My Car In Florida?

Before you legally sleep in your car in Florida, you should first find these areas:

1. National Lands

National lands offer a network of concrete forest roads. In Florida, you can encounter this area, so it’s okay to sleep in your car in this area as long you follow the guidelines correctly.

2. Walmart Parking Lots

In Florida, you’ll find several Walmart parking lots. It is perfect for travelers because they allow them to pull over their car and get a nap. 

3. Safe Parking Program Lots

Florida also has a safe parking program; since van life is a trendy lifestyle nowadays, many states in the US have made this program for travelers. 

You should be aware of these three areas in Florida that allow different types of travelers to get a nap safely.

Can You Sleep In Your Car On A Public Street In Florida?

Yes, you can sleep in your car on a public street in Florida. However, make sure that it has a safe pullover area to park your car. 

Also, ensure that you will not pass the 3-hour parking rules they strictly impose on their citizens. If you oversleep in their area, you might get a ticket or pay fines because you violate their law. 

Can You Sleep In Your Car At Walmart In Florida?

Yes, you can, but you need to ask permission from the owner or the manager. Usually, Walmarts in Florida allow people to pull over and spend the night in their place as long as they pay the fee for staying.

Yes, when you pull over, especially at Walmart, they impose parking fees. 

Can You Sleep In Your Car Drunk In Florida?

Yes, you can sleep in your car drunk in Florida. However, you will be arrested if the police officer finds you sleeping in the driver’s seat. 

For your safety, if your drunk pulls over if you can’t continue driving any further because you might get into an accident. If not, you’ll get arrested and stay in jail for hours or days. 


In summary, they have stricter rules in terms of parking hour stay. They only have three-hour rules that a traveler should follow. If they get too much sleep and stay for more than three hours, they will be arrested or get a fine. 

It is usual for any state to impose this law for the driver’s safety and citizen. Being aware of their law will avoid you getting a fine if you are a traveler and plan to take a nap in Florida.

If you want to stay longer than three hours in Florida, it is best to find a hotel where you can stay for the whole night. Also, be a responsible driver; make sure that the place is safe and legal to park your car when you pull over.



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