Can You Sleep In Your Car In Oregon? (2022 Updated)

Sleeping in your car can turn your road trip more budget-friendly than staying in a hotel. It also offers a super convenient way to travel if you don’t have enough money.

So, can you sleep in your car in Oregon? Yes, Oregon doesn’t have strict rules for travelers if they want to sleep for a while in their state. 

Oregon state also provides great hospitality for its travelers. For example, they give easy access to parking lots, especially for big trucks. 

Over the years, traveling has become one of the best activities that family, couples, and friends like to do during their vacant time. The number of travelers also increases during summertime and holidays.

It is why sleeping in your vehicle is not new in Oregon. They provide these travelers with areas to stay for a night. As drivers, you don’t need to worry much about staying in your car in Oregon. 

It is a safe place to stay. However, you also apply basic safety precautions because some instances and people will endanger you for no reason. 

This article will learn more about this place and what you should do when planning to stay for a night in their parking lots. 

Can You Sleep In Your Car In Oregon

Can I Sleep Legally In My Car In Oregon?

Yes, you can sleep peacefully in your car in Oregon. It is also legal for you to stay for 24 hrs in their place; however, if you exceed their maximum hours, they might question you in the police station.

Hence, if you’re a traveler, you won’t be affected by this because you will surely continue your travel after you get some rest. But, unlike campers, they should be aware of this matter. 

Where Can I Legally Sleep In My Car In Oregon?

It is not a problem to sleep in your car in Oregon in public places and retail store parking spaces. For truck drivers, they also provide a parking program to secure their trucks. 

Many places in Oregon are wide and spacious for you to pull over your car without worrying about getting involved in their law. 

Can You Sleep In Your Car On A Public Street In Oregon?

Yes, you can sleep anywhere on Oregon street. However, make sure that you place your car correctly at the side because it will cause accidents on the road if you don’t.

You can stay on their public street-side for 24 hours. It is a significant amount of time for you to energize and regain your strength to drive. 

Can You Sleep In Your Car At Walmart In Oregon?

Yes, Walmart offers travelers to stay in their parking space. In addition, they don’t usually impose fines if you want to stay in their area as long as you come in their place peacefully. 

It is also convenient to stay there because the groceries and food are super near and easy to grab. 

Can You Sleep In Your Car Drunk In Oregon?

Yes, you can sleep in your car when drunk in Oregon. It is not a problem if you are drunk and want to sleep in your car parked correctly in any parking lot. 

If you are in a private parking lot, make sure that you ask for permission from the security guard or the managers before sleeping there. 


In summary, Oregon is one of the individual states in the US that offers excellent hospitality. They don’t have any problem with travelers staying for a night to rest after a long trip. 

Because of this, many drivers feel comfortable parking their vehicles in the place; if you are a traveler and pass by the state of Oregon, you are lucky because you can stay and rest for hours if you want to. 

Lastly, make sure before you go on a long road trip you are ready and aware of every rule and law of the state you will pass by.



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