CC-ID 299 Error Code: What Is It And How To Clear It?

The car call system and iDrive are among the best components of the car. It increases your car driving experience and creates a great vibe for you. 

So, what does the CC-ID 200 Error mean, and how to clear it? A CC-ID 299 error code is an SOS call system failure. To clear it, you may need to eject your iDrive simultaneously. 

The SOS system is connected to your car’s iDrive and radio satellite. It works to get connected to your favorite radio or where you can attach your Bluetooth to play your favorite playlist.

Once you have a system failure in this area, you can no longer attach Bluetooth to the car to play your music and create a speaker when you call your friend while driving. 

The SOS system of your car also provides convenience and safety every time you make a call. If you love playing your favorite music and calling friends while driving, this will be a mind-blowing problem. 

Nothing is boring in a boring car. You should maintain your car’s iDrive and radio satellite so you won’t miss fun songs. Review this article. It will help you fix the CC-ID 299 error code and clear it out.

CC-ID 299 Error Code

What Is The CC-ID 299 Code?

A CC-ID 299 code is an SOS call system failure. It will warn you with a crossed-out sign on your dashboard. Your iDrive system in your car will not respond to your corresponding commands. 

Since the latest car models have an upgrade function such as you can use it to call your friend, emergency, or any call situation you want, you can do it in your SOS call option. 

Moreover, a system failure in this part will disconnect your connection to the radio satellite and your iDrive.

How To Clear A CC-ID 299 Code?

You can clear a CC-ID 299 code by depressing the CD eject simultaneously until your iDrive screen blanks out. Hence, take note that this process doesn’t work in all situations.

If you have no idea how to clear it yourself, don’t risk any moment because you might regret it. The best way to manage this error code is to get it checked by a professional car expert. 

What To Do When You See CC-ID 299 Code?

CC-ID 299 code is not a significant problem in cars. However, if you receive this code error, all your iDrive system is disconnected from the car. You can’t longer use its calling system if you want to make a call.

Is It Bad When You See CC-ID 299 Code?

Yes, by means every code error means a bad thing. However, it is why you receive code errors because some parts of your car system need to be upgraded or replaced. 

Once you receive one, you must get it fixed directly to prevent more severe damage to your car system. 


In summary, car problems frequently appear when your car system needs to be upgraded. It serves as your reminder that you need to get it checked by a mechanic.

However, not all code errors are severe and need to be changed right away, such as the CC-ID 299 error code. It is just an SOS call system failure that works to navigate your call system. 

Also, when you have an SOS call system failure, you can’t use your radio. Lastly, you don’t need to panic when you receive this code error because it doesn’t need to be fixed right away. However, if you are a music fanatic, it would be boring if you can’t access your iDrive, so in that matter, it will be a massive problem for you.



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