CC-ID 63 Error Code: What Is It And How To Clear It?

As you are driving, especially on a rocky road, there will be a time that you may experience a flat tire. It happens in any car, you may avoid it, but you can’t do it all the time.

So, what is the CC-ID 63 error code, and how to clear it? The CC-ID 63 error code stands for tire puncture. You can clear it once you scroll the flat tire icon and click reset underneath. 

Your car tire will experience punctures everywhere you go. A tire puncture problem doesn’t happen all the time, but it can happen. Even if you are still driving your car on a cemented road, your tire will still encounter debris that can cause a puncture. 

It’s normal because your tires are the ones that have the most contact on the road, whether it’s cement or rough road. But mostly punctured tires happen on rough roads because they contain more sharp debris than on the cemented road. 

Once you have a punctured tire, your car system will automatically send you a CC-ID 63 error code. Your car will be more dangerous if you continue riding it with an unsafe tire. 

If you don’t know about this error code in your car system, the article will give you insight into this matter. 

CC-ID 63 Error Code

What Is The CC-ID 63 Code?

The CC-ID 63 code means that you have a tire puncture. Unlike other codes, it is dangerous and unsafe to continue driving your car with a damaged tire. 

Also, the CC-ID 63 code error is more visible than automatic cars because manual cars don’t have the latest system. However, you will still know that you have a flat tire with your manual car because you will feel it right away. 

How To Clear A CC-ID 63 Code?

Clearing out the CC-ID 63 code is simple; you need to fix your tire or replace it with your reserve tire. If you have no reserve tire located at the back of your car, you may call a tow truck professional to get your car into the repair shop. 

Once your tires are changed, the CC-ID 63 code error will also disappear, and your car is back on the road. 

What To Do When You See CC-ID 63 Code?

When you see a CC-ID 63 code, you need to pull it over in a safe place. Because your car is no longer suitable to ride for another mile, if you have knowledge in replacing the tire and have extra at the back of your car, you can do it yourself. 

However, the easiest way to fix the problem is to call for help and let the professional handle your car problem. 

Is It Bad When You See CC-ID 63 Code?

Yes, it is terrible when you see a CC-ID 63 code. Having this error will lessen the driving performance of your car due to tire puncture. A tire puncture is a significant car problem that you should not ignore. Hence, if you ignore it, you create a problem with cars. 

It is essential to have a well-functioning tire because they are the ones that have close contact with the road. Once it’s damaged other parts of your car will lose their importance because you can’t drive it. 


In summary, once you see a code error, it reminds you that you need to act immediately. For example, a CC-ID 63 error code is one of the most critical errors because it is about having a punctured tire. 

Your tire is the essential component of a car to run it. Therefore, having a damaged one will affect the full function of your car. When your car tire is damaged, get it replaced right away.



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