CC-ID 71 Error Code: What Is It And How To Clear It?

As you use your vehicles, there will come a time when they will encounter malfunction. However, worry less about it because you can fix every malfunction with the proper system and tools.

So, what is CC-ID 71, and how to clear it? A CC-ID 71 is a code error from your vehicle’s brake sensor. To clean out the problem, decrease your car’s acceleration and gently hold the breaks. 

A CC-ID 71 is an error code coming from your vehicle’s brake. You can instantly tell that you have a problem with the automatic car because it will alarm you. However, unlike manual cars, it will be challenging to know if your brake has a problem unless you drive through it. 

You can’t avoid this problem, especially if you always miss your maintenance schedule. It would help if you did not forget to get your vehicle checked by a professional. 

Maintaining your car is pricey, but you should not think about the price; instead, you should think about your safety and the people with you during travel. 

The day that you buy your car, you should be already aware of the expenses of having a car. You should prepare enough money from its fuel to maintenance once you have a car. 

Let’s look more at the CC-ID 71 code to help you avoid having this problem in the future. 

CC-ID 71 Error Code

What Is The CC-ID 71 Code?

The CC-ID 71 code means you have a brake sensor problem. Also, it means that your brake pad is not working. 

As a result, once you use it while driving, it will not support your car enough to stop when needed. Therefore, it is hazardous to you, especially if you drive on the main road with many vehicles. 

How To Clear A CC-ID 71 Code?

It’s simple to clear out the CC-ID 71 code; you can start by turning your car’s ignition on. Then dismiss or wait for the warning and failure message to disappear. 

Third, use the left stalk to navigate the CHECK submenu in your car system. Next, press the BC button and hold it for 5 seconds. After that, release the button when the code already appears on the bottom display of your car menu. 

Do that cycle again until you see the failure and warning code under each message, then compare it. Once done, call a professional mechanic. 

This process is more applicable for the latest model; you may need to check your car system in the nearest car shops for manual cars. 

What To Do When You See CC-ID 71 Code?

Don’t use your car any further once you see the CC-ID 71 code. You might get into serious problems when you push to use your car. 

You may not just get into an accident on the road but also hurt those innocent drivers with your carelessness and irresponsibility. 

Is It Bad When You See CC-ID 71 Code?

Yes, it is terrible when you see CC-ID 71 code because it means you have a brake pad sensor problem. Your brake is not working correctly, and it needs to be checked to know whether it needs to be replaced or not. 


In summary, any car will have a problem if it is not maintained yearly. So once you purchase one, make sure you can get it maintained to avoid wear-outs on its system. 

The CC-ID 71 error code is one problem you will experience once you miss an appointment. For example, your brake pad isn’t working correctly. It may cause you to get it fixed or replace it directly. 

Lastly, you won’t get this code error if you maintain your car’s health. So if you don’t want to lose money because of your irresponsibility, always attend to your maintenance schedule.



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