Chevy 350 Oil Change And Adding Oil: All You Need To Know

In this article, we will be talking about oil change and adding oil for your chevy 350. But we must first discuss how important it is to change your oil and add oil. Many drivers are not changing their oil often, and they are also not adding oil to their vehicles because they do not know its importance.

If people would only know how significant it is to do an oil change and add oil, then all the drivers will probably do it regularly. Let us first know the importance of oil change. If you perform an oil change, it will help maintain your engine lubrication. 

It will also help cool your engine components. An oil change will also remove any wear particles and sludge. The essential function of an oil change is that it promotes vehicle longevity. 

So now, let us talk more about oil change and adding oil to your chevy 350. Let us get started.

Chevy 350 Oil Change And Adding Oil

How Do You Change The Oil On A Chevy 350?

An oil change is significant to a vehicle. If your car is running, you have a lot of moving parts in your vehicle. This includes your valves, pistons, and some other engine parts. 

These parts are moving at a high rate. As a result, these moving parts and vehicle components will cause heat. It is called friction. 

The friction will wear down the vehicle’s engine. This is why engine oil is essential. They lubricate the vehicle’s moving parts properly. 

They will lubricate the engine. You need to make sure to use the correct oil too. The oil capacity of a chevy 350 is about five quarts. 

So for the oil change, you must first have to buy the correct and proper oil and correct filter suited for your vehicle. There are many types of chevy, and a small block chevy is not the same as everyone else in terms of the amount of oil. There is some small block chevy that has different filters. 

If you have already purchased all the correct supplies that you will need for your vehicle, you can already start with the process of oil changing; you need to start by engaging the parking brake. After that, you must adequately jack the vehicle using jack stands. You then have to crawl below the vehicle and loosen the drain plug on the oil pan. 

Use a drain bucket below it. For the small block chevy, the drain plus will usually be about fifteen millimeter bolts. You then have to pull the drain plug out. 

Let the oil drain in the bucket you have placed below it. Wait for the oil to be completely drained out. If the oil is now drained, thread the drain plug, put it back into the oil pan, and tighten it. 

The next thing you will do is take off the oil filter and let the excess oil drain out of the vehicle’s engine. You have to make sure that the rubber gasket also comes off from the engine accompanied by the oil filter. You now have to get the new oil filter and then lubricate the rubber gasket by rubbing its oil. 

You now have to thread the oil filter on the engine to a quarter turn past tight. After that, clean off any excess oil that has drained from under the vehicle. The next thing to do is to take your car off the jack stand that you have set up earlier and then put it back on the ground. 

And then lift the hood of the vehicle and then remove the engine’s oil cap from its valve cover. Then, fill the engine with the proper and correct amount of oil. You can now start your vehicle. 

Give it a few seconds to idle. After fifteen seconds, shut the engine off. You can check the amount of the oil by using the engine oil dipstick. 

Make sure that the oil level is correct. If the oil is lacking, feel free to add more.

How Do You Add Oil To Chevy 350?

The oil capacity of a chevy 350 is five quarts. If you have checked your engine oil and it is below what is necessary, you need to add more oil. It is essential not to have a way too low engine oil level. 

Engine oil is needed for lubrication, and you have to make sure that your vehicle gets enough lubrication. So if you want to add oil to your chevy 350, you can always pull your dipstick out. You can find your dipstick by referring to your owner’s manual. 

You can check the oil using your dipstick. If you think the amount is way too low, you can add oil. Roll a piece of paper and then put it into a pointed funnel. With that, pour your oil using that.

What Kind Of Oil Does Chevy Recommend?

There are a few kinds of oil that are recommended for a chevy 350. According to the best reviews, if you want the overall best choice, you must try the Valvoline advanced full synthetic motor oil. The premium pick is the 5 quarts Lucas oil 10631 high zinc engine break-in oils. 

They also have the best value of Valvoline daily protection synthetic blend motor oil. If you want a first budget option, you can try the Castrol 03124 edge advanced full synthetic motor oil and the second budget option of Valvoline durable synthetic blend motor oil.

Chevy 350 Oil Fill Location

The oil fill in the chevy 350 is located on the top of the valve.


In summary, an oil change is significant to maintain good performance and the lubrication of your vehicle’s engine. Engine oil provides lubrication to your car’s moving parts. 

When your car is running, it creates friction that causes tears and wears to your vehicle. The steps of doing an oil change can be found above. You can follow the steps, and you can be able to change your oil.



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