Chevy 350 Oil Dipstick (All You Need To Know)

Monitoring your engine oil is one of the most important tasks that you need to do. Engine oil is needed to provide lubrication in your vehicle’s engine. When your car’s engine is turned on, and your car is running, there will be many moving parts in your engine, and with this, your engine must always be well lubricated so that you will avoid much wear and tear in your engine. 

This is why engine oil is very crucial in a vehicle’s engine. The amount of oil is also very significant, and you must be able to maintain enough oil so that your engine will be properly lubricated. With that, checking the amount of engine oil is also a critical task.

In checking your oil, you will need an oil dipstick. An oil dipstick is used to insert in your oil tank and to measure the amount of oil. Having low oil will not provide enough lubrication in your engine, and that can do damages to your engine. 

So now, we will talk about everything there is to know about the oil dipstick for a chevy 350. Let us get started.

Chevy 350 Oil Dipstick

Where Is The Oil Dipstick On A Chevy 350?

The location of an oil dipstick is a mystery to some drivers. The location might be the same for almost every car. However, the location might depend on the brand of the car and the model of the car. 

Some drivers do not check the amount of oil they have because they do not know where the oil dipstick is located. Of course, you can always check it based on what you see, but it is critical that you accurately check your engine oil amount. So for a chevy 350, the oil dipstick is on the top of the block center of number five and number seven spark plugs. 

It is usually on the driver side, near the back of the block, and down below. However, as we have mentioned, the location might differ from every brand and every car’s make. So it will also depend on the year and the application. 

The dipstick could be on either side of the car’s engine. If you try and look under the car, you might see the pan. There are also those older engines. 

Those older engines will have their oil dipstick on the side of the driver. You can see the hole in the side of the block located between the number five and the number seven. There are also new engines, and their oil dipstick is located on the passenger side.

How Do You Read A Chevy 350 Dipstick?

Some people also do not know how to use their oil dipsticks. If you do not know how to use it, you better know it because you cannot check the amount of engine oil in your vehicle if you do not know how to use an oil dipstick. You can read your owner’s manual if you do not want to ask other people how to read a chevy 350 oil dipstick. 

To start, you must know the importance of having enough engine oil in your vehicle. We have explained the need for engine oil, especially when your car is running. If you drive your car, some of that engine oil will be consumed. 

With that, over time, the level of the engine oil will be lower. If this happens, your engine will not have the proper lubrication that the engine oil provides. As a result, the friction caused by the moving parts of your vehicle will cause wear to your engine. 

By now, you will already know how important it is to keep that required level of engine oil in your vehicle. So from time to time, you must always check your oil level. But, first, you must check whether your oil level is still on the required or below the oil’s appropriate level. 

It is not only the amount of oil that you can check using an oil dipstick. You can also check using an oil dipstick to tell if you need an oil change. If that oil dipstick comes out dirty and black, then it is time for you to do an oil change. 

If you want to do it yourself, you can always check your owner’s manual to know all the instructions and safety precautions. For example, to read a chevy 35o dipstick, your engine must be warm and park your car on level ground. So shut your engine off and then set the handbrake. 

Give it a few minutes so that your engine will be able to cool down. Then, pop the hood open and find where the oil dipstick is located. First, you have to locate the oil dipstick and pull it out. 

When doing this, it is important to stay focused and alert, your engine can still be hot, and you can be burned in the process. You can hold the towel or the rag under the low end of the oil dipstick to ensure there is no oil drip in the engine. Before inserting the oil dipstick, wipe it clean with a clean rag or a clean towel. 

Next, put the dipstick into the tube. Pull the oil dipstick out again, and then check the level of the engine oil. If you look at an oil dipstick, there will be a “low,” and there will be “full” marks. 

This will be your guide in identifying if your engine oil is enough or if you have to fill it again. Your engine oil must be between the range of the “low” marks and the “full” marks. If the oil is below or over the marks, it means your oil is too low or too high. 

If you are done checking, and there are no further changes, you need to make your engine oil. First, make sure to wipe clean the oil dipstick and put it back in place. In reading an oil dipstick, you have to look at the oil dipstick. 

If you have pulled out your oil dipstick and the oil is between the marks, and the oil is clear and clean, then you are good to go. If the oil dipstick’s oil dipstick is a bit black and dirty, you need to have an oil change. If your oil is below the marks of the oil dipstick but is still clean, you can add engine oil.

Chevy 350 Oil Dipstick Length

The length of a chevy 350 oil dipstick is nineteen. Therefore, the chevy 350 oil dipstick fits the 1995 to 1979 chevy. Of course, the length of the oil dipstick must be longer than the length of the engine oil tank so that the measurements will be correct.

How To Install Oil Dipstick Tube On Chevy 350?

The oil dipstick installation can be pretty tricky for some drivers. So the oil dipstick tube has two pressure rings. These pressure rings are seated in the block. 

You can disconnect the battery first before putting the tube to melt the tube in the process by accident. Some installation processes will use a screwdriver that has a plastic handle. Slide down the screwdriver into the tube until the lower end of the handle goes against the opening. 

After that, hit it using a metal hammer. It will then mar the screwdriver’s handle a little bit, but that is okay because it will provide you control with the handle and keep the installation pressure centered. When they are already straight, let the tube get close to the head or the block at a short distance from the head. 

You can bend it to your liking. You can also start by sanding or slightly polishing the larger end of the tube. With this, the tube will slide a little bit easier. 

You can now slide the tube in and then set your final angle or position. You can now put the bpi-1001 installation tool. You will be using an installation tool this time. Make sure that the installation tool is put firmly into place. 

Use a hammer. Tap the tool gently so that it can press the tube into the block. Then, insert the tube until it is flush.

How To Remove Oil Dipstick Tube From Chevy 350?

An oil dipstick is used to measure the engine oil of every vehicle. You will be able to determine the level of your engine oil using an oil dipstick. To remove the oil dipstick tube, you must stick open the vehicle’s hood and then locate the dipstick. 

You must put a rag in one hand and put the rag on the top of the dipstick handle. Using your other hand, hold and pull the dipstick up and then tighten the shop rag against the dipstick. Wipe the oil during the process. 

You can now unbolt the engine’s dipstick tube and use a three-point eight-inch ratchet and socket. Put the bolt on the side if you want to use it later. Next, put both your hands in the dipstick tube and pull it up. 

This procedure will then free the dipstick tube from the oil pan. Next, the dipstick is held into place with a dipstick tube from the oil pan. With this, you will need a bit more strength and pressure to pull it out. 

There are cases where the dipstick is stuck. If the dipstick is stuck, twist the tube so that it can be free. If it is free, move the tube around the exhaust manifold and then take it out from the engine bay.


In summary, an oil dipstick in a chevy 350 is very important. Without an oil dipstick, you might not be able to check the amount of oil in your vehicle. You will not also check if your oil must be changed. 

The location of the oil dipstick will vary. You must always check the dipstick after pulling it out. You have to check for an oil change or additional oil.



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