How Much Do BMW Car Salesmen Make? (Explained!)

For years, we have just talked about BMW cars and how much it costs to buy one. But have you once asked yourself how much does a person make when he sells a BMW car? Keep reading to know the answer.

So how much do BMW car salesmen make? As of 2021, the average pay annually for a BMW salesman is between $54,066 to $61,847. The range of BMW car salesmen has been included in the top earners annually.

To further break it down, that is $25.99 for an hour. If we will talk about it for months, that is $4,506. That is a perfect number. Of course, the pay will vary. 

The pay will be higher than the average if we consider the factor of experience, expertise, and skills. So let us learn more about the salaries of BMW car salesmen.

How Much Do BMW Car Salesmen Make

Do BMW Car Salesmen Have Fixed Salaries?

Yes, they sometimes do have a fixed salary. But the salary depends on the salesman and the time of the year. When we say that it depends on the salesman, of course not all sales are the same. 

One salesman is more skilled than the other. One salesman is more experienced than the other. One salesman has more persuasion powers than the other and so on. 

So the salary will depend on the salesman. Therefore, if there are two car salesmen, they will have an extra income monthly or annually. One car salesman might be paid higher because he is more experienced or skilled than the other. 

The other factor is the time of the year. Like all businesses that exist around the world, BMW also has its ups and downs. These ups and downs will vary on the time of the year. 

There are months that the economy is excellent and the people will buy a lot of cars. There are also times that there are few people who will buy cars.

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What Are the Fixed Salaries of BMW Car Salesmen?

The average monthly salary of a BMW car salesman is around $2,000 per month. Of course, the salary is different from one distributor to another. One distributor in one state will have a different fixed salary to another distributor in another state. 

You also need to know that the BMW distributors are manufactured and are owned by a third party and not directly by the BMW manufacturer. So this is one variation where the fixed salary of a car salesman will differ from another salesman. It is also the discretion of the management team and their owner about the fixed salary. 

The salary will also vary from one distributor to another. The salary mentioned above is not true to all distributorship. Some distributors might have the same salaries or might even be close enough, but other distributors will be very different from the rest. 

This will also be based on the management and the owner. A BMW manufactured owned by a third party will decide that will be based solely on the owner’s decisions.

How Much Does a BMW Salesman Make per Car?

The same with the salary, the pay that a BMW salesman makes per car that they will sell will be different from one distributor to another. However, the usual range is twenty to thirty percent of the revenue. It would be best to remember that not all cars are sold at the same price by every distributor. 

The profit will also depend on the distributor. A good BMW salesman can make up to $50,000, but it can be less. As mentioned, there is the aspect of skills, experience, and the profit of the car. 

The picture is that the salesman will get a percentage of the gross profit. This is usually about twenty percent. Again, the average pay will also be based on the distributor. 

The commission on each car will vary from one dealership to another dealership. Aside from the commission, the cars’ revenue will also vary from one dealership to another dealership.

How Many Hours Do BMW Car Salesmen Work?

The car salesman has very competitive pay. The work of a BMW car salesman will require you forty to fifty hours a week. These hours might also require you to work at night and sometimes on the weekend. 

These hours will also depend on the salesman. There can also be a salesman who wanted to work long hours, so the average hours of work will also differ. 

This will also differ if the distributor lacks a workforce. You might have to work longer hours because of the lack of staffing.

How Much Does a BMW Dealership Owner Make?

The answer to this is based on some observation and even research. But no BMW dealership owner would announce their generated revenue on the internet. If the sales are good, a BMW dealership owner can generate $18,902 to $495,413 in a year. 

This is a good business because you will make money on each car. The income will be based on the sold cars and of course, the skills of the salesman. 

This is why it is very important to have a very skilled and experienced salesman. They will be the ones who will bring the money in. on top of that; these car salesmen must be significantly compensated.

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Is BMW Car Salesman a Good Career?

Being a BMW car salesman still has its appeal. It is so possible to earn so much and earn a perfect amount of money. The downside is that you will each have your quota and sell a certain amount of cars. 

Of course, since it is a business, profit is significant, and income is significant. Your ability to sell cars will be the basis of your performance and competence.


A BMW car salesman does a very good job. Though the basic pay may not be that high, it is still possible to earn a lot of money. The commission on each car is enough to sustain if the sales are good. 

If you practice hard, you will be able to sell cars quickly. If you love the drive and the challenge, a BMW car salesman is a very good career for you. It brings you focus, and it brings you good money.


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