How Much Does A V12 Engine Cost? (All You Need To Know)

Upgrading or replacing a car engine is one of the primary responsibilities of a car owner. As years go by, car horsepower deteriorates, so having a better horsepower V12 engine is here to help you.

So, how much does A V12 cost? A V12 engine can cost a brand new machine between 20k to 60k dollars. However, there are other designs of V12 engines that cost 65,000 dollars. You can also find OEM V12 engines in the market. It is much cheaper; it costs only 20k dollars.

If the V8 engine isn’t good enough for you, V12 may be the one that you are looking for. V12 stands for 12 powerful car cylinders. 

Moreover, V12 engines are more powerful than lower engines. The 12 powerful cylinders also create loud noise like the noise from a racing car.

Also, V12 is much heavier than V8, so installing in big trucks helps them speed up, especially if they are passing by on a rocky road with loads. 

It is strictly used to increase the acceleration speed of your car individually. So, if you decide to install an accelerator V12 engine can be your best choice; you can read below for more information.

How Much Does A V12 Engine Cost

What Is The Price Of A V12 Engine?

A brand new V12 engine will cost you 60,000 dollars. It has a horsepower of 650 and 485 pound-feet of torque.

However, V12 engines have different prices in the market, so it’s up to you to find the quality and not so expensive V12 in the market. 

How Much Does A Used V12 Engine Cost?

A used V12 will cost not below 20k but not more than 60k dollars. Though its capacity is still there, you don’t have to worry about its performance because it is still worth the risk. 

Besides, car shops don’t provide a malfunctioning engine, especially for big truck vehicles, because they also need to protect their reputation.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A V12 Engine?

To replace your engine with a V12, you might need to pay 150 dollars per hour. It will last 15 hours to replace a machine since it requires effort and a lot of work to install due to its heavy materials. 

One wrong move might cause your car frame damage, or it will damage the engine.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A V12 Engine?

To build a New V12 engine, you need to ready your 60k dollars. If you’re dreaming of having the best engine system, you need to take risks. 

Besides, the more quality the engine you choose, the pricier it gets – so don’t be shocked about it. 

Also, building a V12 engine is much more budget-friendly than replacing it with a new one because you need to replace the whole parts. 

How Much Does A Lamborghini V12 Engine Cost?

A Lamborghini V12 engine can cost up to 45k dollars. The machine is complete and has a wiring harness, inlet manifold, and electronic throttle bodies to support the engine. 

Some shops offer Lamborghini V12 engines for only 31k dollars. Also, some manufacturers are producing an OEM type of this kind of engine. 

However, if you’re thinking about your safety, never buy an OEM engine because an engine is the central part of the car. It should contain the best and legit engine only. 

How Much Does A Ferrari V12 Engine Cost?

A Ferrari V12 engine can cost 23,000 to 35,000 dollars. With a Ferrari V12 engine, you will gain a horsepower of 508, and it comes with a white body-colored engine, which gives your car engine a clean look. 

Also, it has a lightweight component that is perfect for any car type. It’s not bad for its price because of its quality driving experience.

Is A V12 Engine Worth It?

No, V12 is not worth it if your car needs a lighter engine, and V12 is heavy that your vehicle can hold. So, please stick to the lightweight machine your vehicle needs the most.

However, before you decide, you might need to ask a mechanic first whether a V12 engine fits your car’s needs. 

Lastly, be careful about the engine you bought because there are car engines that are fake and might cause you to have an accident. So choose wisely what car shop you go into; the famous and have the most reviewed shop, the more legit it becomes.


The V12 engine is not a universal engine since it is made with heavy material that can pass only for big trucks or muscle vehicle cars. So if you have a slim type of car body, V12 might not be the best option for you.

Overall, V12 engines have the best auto system. However, it is only required to be installed on a specific vehicle.



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