How Much Does A V6 Engine Cost? (All You Need To Know)

A car’s high-level driving performance is the ultimate dream of all car owners. The good news is that the goal of having a high-level driving performance is now attainable with the V6 engine. 

So, how much does a V6 engine cost? Replacing your current car engine with a V6 engine will cost you up to $7,000 to $20,000.There are two types of V6 machines that market the new and used ones. A New V6 engine can cost 7,000 dollars, while the used ones can cost about 3,000 to 4,000 dollars.

One of the essential maintenance of a vehicle is upgrading or changing its engine. The engine is the powerhouse of a car. Without it, your car is nothing. It is why you should know when to maintain your engine to avoid accidents or getting stuck in the middle of the road. 

As an owner, you should know this primary responsibility and be reminded that its engine power also slowly deteriorates as your car ages. Another reason your car engine deteriorates quickly is when you always use it on long trips.

It is why changing your car engine is essential to do it as soon as your car needs it. If you have a V6 machine and want to replace it, you can check below for more details.

How Much Does A V6 Engine Cost

What Is The Price Of A V6 Engine?

If you plan to change the four-cylinder of your V6, it will cost you $4000 to $5000. Usually, replacing or upgrading the V6 engine can be less than $7,000. 

However, the prices of the V6 engine vary differently from shop to shop. Some shops offer a lower price than $5,500 or higher. 

No matter what car shop you choose, make sure that it is reliable, and their service has already been proven for many years. Because their shops use artificial materials or engines for cars, you should be aware of that.

If possible, if you are getting your V6 engine changed, you should monitor it while doing the job for you and check the engine if it’s the same brand. 

How Much Does A Used V6 Engine cost?

A used V6 engine costs only $3000, but this will vary from shop to shop. Of course, if you are replacing your car engine with a used one, it will have a lower price. 

However, you should be aware of its advantages and disadvantages. First, its advantage is that you won’t need to pay a lot of money, while its drawback is how long this used engine lasts for your car. Is installing a used V6 engine worth your money, or will it be another headache? 

You can change your current car engine to a V6 engine as long as it has no issues. So, if there are no past issues in a used V6 engine, it can last long. 

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A V6 engine?

The amount sometimes isn’t fixed in terms of labor in replacing your car engine with a V6 engine. Some shops let you decide how much labor fee and tip you’ll give to the personnel who work on your car. 

The amount of service they give will depend on how much they work on your car; the fewer changes and work on your vehicle, the less you’ll have to pay. Mostly car repairs can reach up to 20,000 dollars. 

It is why before you’ll make a replacement in your car engine, you should ask a professional mechanic to check your car and how much you should pay in whole. 

Is A V6 Engine Worth It?

Yes, the V6 engine is worth your money. V6 machines have a similar economy to a four-cylinder engine of any car. It also has the capacity for on-demand performance, and all systems are enhanced. 

A V6 engine system is a high fuel-efficient. However, you will indeed experience a high level of performance of your desire. Its horsepower is between 295-301hp than any basic four-cylinder model. 

There’s more a V6 engine is made to last longer than any car engine. The V6 engine can be classified as one of the hybrid engines on the market. You can use its engine on any road and mountain drive.

You can take it on any road with rugged paths, perfect for your trip with friends and family. 


In summary, if you want to experience high-level driving performance, you can get your car engine replaced with a V6 engine. It will reach your optimum expectation of travel experience with a V6 engine. 

Passing by on a rough road is easy using a V6 engine; anything is impossible. 

If you want a stress-free driving experience, now is the time to get one of those V6 engines at any car shop of your choice.



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