How Much Does A V8 Engine Cost? (All You Need To Know)

The car engine has the heart of the car. Your car engine determines the driving experience you’ll have. The more it is updated, the more fantastic it will give you.

So, how much does a V8 engine cost? Roughly a V8 machine can cost up to $5,500 to $7,000. It is pricier than a V6 engine because it has a more upgraded system. However, the cost of the V8 machine is based on its model, and the year it was produced. 

The performance of a car is determined by its engine. If you have the latest V8 engine, indeed, you will have the luxury of a driving experience. Not just the performance you will have, but you can also guarantee your safety.

Every car owner wants to drive smoothly on the road, whether it’s rocky or plain; you want to have a comfortable travel time.

Cars are everywhere. Without a car, it becomes hard to get to work or go where you want to go. It becomes an essential part of our livelihood; it is why maintaining and upgrading become your responsibility too. 

So, if you are curious about what a V8 engine can do to give you luxury driving performance, you can continue reading below. 

How Much Does V8 Engine Cost

What Is The Price Of A V8 Engine?

The V8 engine costs roughly 7,000 dollars or more. It depends because car markets sell it for 5,000 dollars or 8,500 dollars. They don’t have the same rate because they have different manufacturers. 

The most important is that when you decide on getting a V8 engine, always choose the best and the most quality model. It can be pricy, but as the life capacity of this engine is remarkable, it will be worth it to risk your money. 

How Much Does A Used V8 Engine Cost?

A 4-year-old V8 engine can cost 3,000 to 4,000 dollars. If you plan to replace all your machines with a used V8 engine, it can cost 20,000 dollars in total. 

It is less pricey than buying a brand new V8 engine, but you don’t have to worry because it works perfectly fine and is safe. Hence, you also need to understand that sometimes a used V8 engine deteriorates faster because its system is already used by someone’s car. 

However, it is still a good decision if your budget is only for a used V8 engine. 

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A V8 Engine?

Typically, the quoted time to replace a V8 engine will be 10 to 12 hours, and a skilled mechanic should do it. 

Car shops have different rates of labor services per hour. However, the majority rate their labor service from $90 to $150 per hour. If the engine replacement needs to undergo more difficult fixing, the price will rise.

The best thing you should do if you plan to upgrade your engine is to do it while your car is still functioning.

Is A V8 More Expensive Than A V6?

Yes, a V8 engine is way more expensive than a V6 engine. A V8 engine is usually placed on luxury sports cars, rear-wheel drive sports cars, muscle cars, and big trucks. 

The craftsmanship given in producing a V8 engine is more complex than any car engine. It also has two designs; it could be a flat-plane crank to give your car more boost in power or a cross-plane crank to provide you with an increase in torque. 

The compact V8 engine is designed to fit into a small four-cylinder engine area, and it is shorter than the six and 12-cylinder.

Engine Swap Cost From V6 TO V8

Typically, a 4-cylinder engine replacement can cost $4000, while if you’re going to change your V6 engine to V8, you will have a total of 12,500 dollars. 

The replacement service will last up to 15 hours because it will be manually placed and critically examined before you can use it. 

How Much Does An LS V8 Engine Cost?

An LS V8 engine is a racing engine that costs roughly 29,000 dollars. This kind of engine will maximize your car’s horsepower. 

How Much Does A Hemi Engine Cost?

A hemi engine costs 10,000 dollars. It is a kind of engine designed for hemispheric cam ports of a car for overhead valve fuel injection.

The Hemi engine will enhance your car miles and can go up to 300,000 miles per kilometer. 

How Much Does A V8 Engine Rebuild Cost?

Rebuilding a V8 engine can cost between 2,500 to 4,000 dollars. Rebuilding an engine is cheaper than engine replacement. 

However, the labor cost will matter to the car shop owners since they use different manufacturers and producers of the V8 engine. 

If you choose a well known car shop, there is a possibility that the labor cost is higher than those low-level car shops. 

How Much Does A Twin-Turbo V8 Engine Cost?

To install a twin-turbo V8 engine, you need to have your pocket. It will cost you 28,999 dollars to install a turbocharger like the Twin-Turbo V8 engine.

A Twin-Turbo V8 engine will provide your car with a horsepower of 164, giving you an excellent value for record-setting power and excellent attention.

How Much Does A 6.2 l V8 Engine Cost?

Installing a 6.2 I V8 engine will cost you 9,000 dollars to install. But you can find sale items of this engine online. It is an engine used to control the car ignition giving you a smooth ride towards your desired location.

Is A V8 Engine Worth It?

Yes, it is worth it if you’re looking for an engine that will give you the maximum car racing-like experience. 

Also, if you want to have a super-fast car and boosted details that will get people’s attention on the road.


In summary, the V8 engine is a must-have engine, especially for big trucks, since it needs more power because of its loads. 

However, if you are looking for luxury details of a car catching attention V8 engine is the excellent choice for you.

Lastly, if you decide to replace your engine, make sure that you’ll go to a car shop that provides safe and quality services.



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