How To Extract Gold From Catalytic Converter? (Explained)

Gold is one of the most popular metals that you can see everywhere. It can be used as jewelry, a car seat, a tint, and many more. Gold is one of the most versatile that can be applied to anything. 

So, how to extract gold from a catalytic converter? There’s no way you can extract gold from a catalytic converter. Therefore, there is no gold you’ll see in a catalytic converter. 

However, you can personalize your catalytic converter into gold. There is no gold inside the catalytic converter because it cannot convert harmful gas into less toxic. 

It is a characteristic that applies to platinum and Rhodium. However, you can paint 14 karat gold on your catalytic converter, but there is nothing to extract gold from it.

You can use gold to personalize the outside and the inside of your car to make it look more luxurious. Many car owners have already done this idea, especially those super-rich individuals. 

If you find a car with gold from a catalytic converter, that car is one of a kind. Hopefully, that car can manage to keep its driver safe and healthy inside while driving. 

Your car outside and inside is made with solid chemicals without any converter; it is not safe to travel using the car, especially if you have kids. 

How To Extract Gold From Catalytic Converter

How To Extract Gold From A Catalytic Converter?

There is no gold to extract in a catalytic converter. But there are other precious metals.

There are four simple ways to extract precious metal from a catalytic converter;

1. You Can Call A Professional Technician

A professional can effectively do the job of extracting any metal and essential part of a car. They have more experience and knowledge about how to solve the problem than you.

2. Organize The Tools To Use

Of course, to make any task clean and proper, you need to organize the tools needed. The more organized the tools needed, the easier to get the tools you need.

3. Leave The Job To The Professional

After helping your car technician organize their tools, you can leave them with the work. But unfortunately, not all car owners can fix their cars or extract parts. So don’t attempt to do the job yourself. 

How Expensive Is Gold?

You can purchase gold today for 60.60 dollars per gram. Making gold is also a valuable and well-used metal except for a catalytic converter. 

How Much Can You Get For Gold From A Catalytic Converter?

Depending on the density of gold, you can have 100 to 1000 dollars per gram. It goes the same as going to platinum; the thicker it is, the more money you can sell it. 

We cover exactly this in our article how much is Gold in a catalytic converter?

Where To Sell Gold From Catalytic Converters?

You can sell it on any social media platform you have. It is more effective because many potential buyers are on online platforms. Hence you can also try to sell it in a pawnshop; they also accept different types of natural gold. 

How Much Gold Can You Get Out Of A Catalytic Converter?

There is no gold to be extracted in a catalytic converter. You don’t use gold because it doesn’t convert nasty chemicals to less harmful ones. 

Hence, you can use gold to personalize the car, but you cannot put it inside your catalytic converter. 


In summary, gold is not an essential part of a catalytic converter. It has no mechanism for converting nasty chemicals into less harmful ones. However, you can personalize your catalytic converter into gold, but more of that gold is only for making your car look expensive.

Do you want to know how to extract other precious metals from a catalytic converter?


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