How To Extract Rhodium From Catalytic Converter? (Explained)

As you know, the presence of cars makes our lives easier, especially for those people with a job far away from home. However, you can’t deny that it is made up of harmful elements no, after how helpful the car is. 

So, how to extract Rhodium from Catalytic Converter? In extracting Rhodium from a catalytic converter, you need to use a cutting torch or a chop saw. It is located under your car’s chassis area. 

A Rhodium works as a catalyst in a catalytic converter. It means that they won’t change themselves no matter what things you use. 

Automobiles mainly use it for their luxury cars because of its characteristics. Rhodium can help a car improve its performance. 

Any car material contains carbon dioxide that is bad for our health, especially our lungs when Rhodium comes in to convert the carbon dioxide into less toxic. 

But the car industry doesn’t only use Rhodium to convert toxic substances, but they also use platinum since it is a little bit more affordable than Rhodium. 

You can see Rhodium from a catalytic converter in a supercar, racing cars, and other luxury cars. Moreover, using a catalytic converter with Rhodium will convert the nad gas into suitable gases that prevent you from getting sick while traveling. 

Now, let’s get more familiar with the ways to extract Rhodium from your catalytic converter.

How To Extract Rhodium From Catalytic Converter

How To Extract Rhodium From A Catalytic Converter?

Here are the exact ways to extract Rhodium from a catalytic converter safely;

1. Remove The Catalytic Converter In The Vehicle

The first thing to do in extracting Rhodium from a catalytic converter is to remove it. It is found under the vehicle’s chassis. Then, using a socket wrench, you can use a chop saw or a flame cutter to remove it or unscrew the bold.

2. Prepare Your Cutting Torch

Prepare your cutting torch to split open the catalytic converter of your car. Make sure that you use a heavy industrial glove and google for your protection. 

3. Slowly Expose The Ceramic Honeycomb

Next, slowly expose the ceramic honeycomb coming from your catalytic converter. It is where the Rhodium is distributed to provide you with a less toxic car.

Moreover, you should remember that you can remove a Rhodium right away without precaution because even if it’s helpful in your care environment, it is still a chemical. It might damage you if you have direct contact with it. 

How Expensive Is Rhodium?

Today, you can buy a Rhodium per ounce for 18,750 dollars. However, it is costly because Rhodium is an essential chemical that automobiles, the jewelry industry, and chemical and technical trade need. Without Rhodium, these things will not be a perfect mold for their most excellent output. 

Moreover, Rhodium is a rare element that you can’t buy anywhere. You can only purchase this element from a legit store that creates this element. 

How Much Can You Get For Rhodium From A Catalytic Converter?

Rhodium is a kind element and can be used in multiple industries. So, if you sell a catalytic converter with Rhodium, whether it’s new or second-hand, it is still saleable. 

Also, Rhodium is five-time valuable than gold nowadays. The trading price of ounces of Rhodium is ten thousand dollars. It is why cars with catalytic converters are prone to get robbed.

We cover exactly this in our article how much is Rhodium in a catalytic converter?

Where To Sell Rhodium From Catalytic Converter?

You can sell Rhodium from a catalytic converter directly to people or post it online. In addition, a Rhodium can be recycled; if you plan to sell it in an automobile shop, jewelers and dentists will automatically get it also because Rhodium is helpful for their business. 

How Much Rhodium Can You Get Out Of A Catalytic Converter?

There are only 1-2 grams of Rhodium is a Catalytic converter. Yet, you can sell it once for almost 19 thousand dollars. So, even though Rhodium is not so popular with people in many business industries, it is one of the leading elements that help them increase their profit. 


In summary, extracting a Rhodium from a catalytic converter needs tools and expertise at work. You can’t just extract it on your own because you’ll be in danger if you keep trying. 

When you sell an extracted Rhodium from a catalytic converter in the market, its value is still rising because of the usefulness it can provide. You can sell it per ounce, and you can get 10 thousand dollars for it, 

The most effective way to sell it is to place it in an online store because more buyers are present online than in a land-based store.

Moreover, not all cars have Rhodium in their catalytic converter; some have platinum. So if your car catalytic converter has Rhodium, it means it is one of the hybrids.

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