Scraped Tire On Curb: Can You Continue To Drive? (Explained)

Having a scraped tire on the curb is not an unusual occurrence because it can happen to anyone. This is a common situation in winter, but it can happen even if it is not wintering, so let us talk about if it is safe to drive even if there is a scrape in the curb of your tire. 

So can you continue to drive even if you have a scraped tire on the curb? The answer will depend on how severe the scrape is and how much damage it has cost the tire. You have to evaluate it first.

Hitting a curb might seem to be not a serious problem, and a lot of people might have taken it for granted, but if you have hit a curb, it can cause your tire and vehicle more severe damage than you thought. So you have to pull over, and you have to check for damages. You have to learn how to evaluate the situation and then what action you have to take. 

Many car drivers have experienced this situation and are curious whether they can continue to drive even with a scraped tire on the curb. Many car drivers wanted to know so that they could stay safe. 

So in this article, we will be going to talk about the safety of having a scraped tire on the curb. Let us get started. 

Scraped Tire On Curb

Is It Safe To Drive After You Scraped A Tire On A Curb?

You have to evaluate how serious the situation is. The first thing that you have to know and consider is your driving speed when you have run to the curb. The next thing that you have to think of is the height of the curb. 

If you are driving at just fifty miles per hour and you have hit a curb, and the curb was more than six inches, then you might have severe damage. However, if you have hit a small and three-inch curb and are going about five miles per hour, you will not have any damages at all. This will also depend on the construction of your vehicle. 

So if you have hit a curb, many things can happen. There will be damages to the tire and wheel. So if you have hit a curb, you have to pull over and then inspect your vehicle immediately. 

You can start with the tire that has made contact. Most of the time, the tire that would contact the right front tire. You then have to look for damages to the sidewall. 

Look also for damages on the tread. If you think some cracks or chucks are taken out, you might have wheel damage. 

You also have to check for the wheel alignment. You can also test your vehicle for any issues. You have to drive to an empty parking lot. 

What To Do If You Curb Your Tire?

If you have hit a curb with your tire, you have to pull over as soon and as fast as you can, and then you have to check if there are any damages. You also have to make sure to continue to drive safely. So you have to check your wheel or tires for any damages. 

Check for scrapes, cuts, or chips out of your wheel. You also need to check under your vehicle for physical and visible damages. 

If you see that parts are hanging low, it can indicate damage to the tire rods and control arms. With this condition, it is not safe. You then have to check for steering problems. 

Can Hitting A Curb Damage Tire?

A serious problem that will result in hitting a curb will throw your vehicle’s suspension out of alignment. This will make an uneven tire. 

With that, your tire will suffer enough damage on the sidewall, and it can lead to a dangerous blow. In addition, the impact can cause the rim to bend, and it can cause the steering wheel to wobble. 

Is A Scratch On A Tire Bad?

A sidewall tire damage is damage on the sidewall of the tire. This means that the damage will be on the side of the tire and not on the tire tread. 

The sidewall tire damage is also not repairable. So if you have a scratch on a tire, this can cause massive damage to your tire. This can be bad, especially if the damage is extensive.

Is It Ok To Drive With Scratched Rims?

If there is sidewall tire damage, it is not okay for the vehicle to still be driven. This is because the tires’ sidewalls will be more sensitive than the tread area. There are cases where the damage is destroying the entire tire structure, and the tire can blow out at any moment. 

It will also depend on how massive the damage or the scratch is. If the scratches are minor and shallow, they will not reach the threads. So the rule of the thumb here is to find out how much the sidewall tire damage is and if it is too much. 

If you can see significant damages, it is time to replace the tire. If you want to know if you have to replace your tire, you must look at the damages yourself. 

If you can see an air bubble in the tire’s sidewall, the tire must be replaced right away. You have to make sure that nothing serious will happen to your tires. 


In summary, there are situations where you will hit a curb, and there is a scraped tire. This is not an unusual situation, and people are asking if they can continue to drive. 

It depends on the damage if you can continue to drive, but you have to be on the safe side. With that, you must not drive it so that there will be no harm done.



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