Why Do New Car Tires Wear Out So Fast? (7 Possible Reasons)

Tires are a vital part of all vehicles because, without tires, the vehicles will not run. All the car owners have to be conscious about the quality and the condition of their tires, and with that, car drivers have been noticing that their new tires wear out so fast. Let us talk about that. 

So why do new car tires wear out so fast? There are plenty of reasons why new car tires or tires wear out so fast. We do not have one answer because there are a lot of considerations on the effect on the tires.

Almost all car drivers think that their tires are doing good as long as they are inflated. With that, they have to focus on why their new tires are wearing out very fast and what they can do about it. Car drivers must be aware that the tires that come with the brand new car are not made and produced by respected tire manufacturers. 

The vehicle manufacturer made these tires, called the original equipment manufacturer or OEM. Furthermore, almost all vehicle manufacturers do not warranty their vehicles’ tires. The reason behind this is that there’s an ever-increasing possibility that they will wear out much faster than the top-rated brands of tires that you can find available in the market. 

So in this article, we’ll be talking all about why new tires wear out so fast. Let’s go!

Why Do New Car Tires Wear Out So Fast

7 Reasons Why New Car Tires Wear Out So Fast

If you are noticing that your tires are wearing out much faster than you would have expected and the tread wear is much different from one tire to another tire, then this can mean that there are plenty of issues. Though with the right and proper automotive maintenance and care for your vehicle, most of these issues can just be fixed. So here are seven reasons why your new car tires wear out so fast. 

1. The Wheel Alignment

This is the number reason why your new car tires wear out so fast. If your wheel alignment is off, then each of the tires and the wheels are at different levels of stress if you will drive. 

So it would help if you got your wheel alignment checked regularly. Make this a part of your usual vehicle maintenance routine, and then have them appropriately realigned as much as your car needs it.

2. The Rotation Of The Tires

If you neglect to rotate the tires regularly, your tires will not last long. Usually, you have to rotate your tires every five thousand miles (5,000) to six thousand miles (6,000 miles). There will be uneven wear, so you have to rotate them often. 

3. The Driving Habits

The personal driving habit of the driver has an effect on the tears and the wear of the vehicle’s tires and wheels. If you peel out if you accelerate from the stop, or you might be jamming your brakes a lot, or you might be pushing your vehicle too tight around the corners, you are adding to the effect of your vehicles. 

4. The Brake System

If your brake pads are wearing out, or you might have a caliper or disc sticking, it’ll lead to uneven tire tread wear. It is a good idea that you will have your brakes inspected. It should be serviced regularly too. 

5. The Suspension System

If your vehicle’s suspension is weak or the suspension is not calibrated correctly, you might feel all the bumps and all the vibration from the road. These are the tires taking the brunt of the pressure and the damage. But, again, this is because of the suspension system.

6. The Power Steering

There can be issues with your power steering system, which can lead to increased stress on your tires and uneven tread wear. You can get a power steering service periodically. 

7. An Improper Tire Inflation

If your tires are not at their optimal pressure, they can wear out faster. Therefore, it is essential to have proper tire inflation. In addition, your vehicle can handle things if they have proper tire inflation, like the weight of the vehicle, a cornering distribution, and a braking force. 

Frequently Asked Questions

These are frequently asked questions about wearing out of new tires. 

Do Factory Tires Wear Out Faster?

Yes, factory tires do wear out fast. These tires are called OEM, and they wear out much faster than the aftermarket tires. 

This is because many manufacturers are using soft rubber for their tires. This soft rubber will wear fast compared to the aftermarket tires, giving a smooth and quiet drive. 

Do New Tires Vibrate At First?

If the alignment is slightly off, there will be vibration, mainly because the new tires are first put in the vehicle. In addition, the new tires have a better lateral grip than the old tires, and they can pick up an alignment vibration. 

Can Brand New Tires Be Bad?

If they are not tightened enough, then the wheel can loosen, and they can cause premature wear to bolt holes, and they can wobble also, and it can fall. On the other hand, if they are tightened too much, they might not be removed with just a hand. 

How Long Should Tires On A Brand New Car Last?

If a customer asks how long tires on a brand new car last, there is no exact answer. The manufacturer of the tires will say that they can last for about fifty thousand miles (50,000 miles). However, many factors must be considered. 


In summary, tires are essential and play a vital role in your vehicle. With that, it is essential to have your vehicles checked and check your tires. 

Many people notice that their new car tires are wearing out so fast. There are plenty of reasons, but the main reason is that trusted brands do not make these tires.



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