Which Tire Doesn’t Move When a Car Turns Right? (Answer!)

Your car’s tires might be a set, but when it’s running, it doesn’t really go in proportion. So especially when you turn, not all tires move. Some don’t really move or turn. 

So, which tire doesn’t move when a car turns right? The answer to that is the rear right tire. It’s the same with the rear left tire. It doesn’t move when you turn your car in the left direction.

Your vehicle tires play an essential role while running and turning the vehicle. Your wheels’ purpose is to ensure a long ride to be safer and smoother. 

All four tires control your car’s heavy pressure, especially when moving or running. The same thing happens when you drive your car in a straight direction—however, your car tires’ pressure changes when you turn either left or right. It’s because the car wheels rotate around a different axis, and you can’t turn if all of the tires are moving on the same axis. 

So, in this post, we will share with you facts about which car tire doesn’t move when you turn right.

Which Tire Doesn’t Move When a Car Turns Right

Which Tire Doesn’t Move When a Car Turns Right?

Some people would say that your spare tire doesn’t move when your car turns right. But, that’s not the correct answer. 

Your rear right tire doesn’t move when you turn right. This is the correct answer, and there’s a good explanation for this. Keep reading!

Why Doesn’t One Tire Move When a Car Turns Right?

One tire doesn’t really move when you turn. It is because the rear tire is not immobile; however, it moves only with a small radius. 

Due to the smaller radius that the tire retains, it doesn’t move when you turn it. As mentioned above, either way you turn your car to the left or right direction, the same thing happens. 

Speed matters when you turn your vehicle in any direction as well. Your front left tire can rotate with the highest speed, while the rear right tire will bring the sluggishest movement. 

When turning the vehicle, the front and rear left tires move at the highest speed. Therefore, the right turn can get your car a normal reaction in the outer wheels. However, you may also feel the normal response based on the speed of your vehicle. 

As always, it will matter with the axis and the core of curvature of the wheels. It’s the one responsible for turning your vehicle away in the left and right direction. 

Is This The Case With All Cars?

No, this is not the case with all cars. Some cars’ rear tires move when turning right or left. 

For example, if the vehicle is a “four-wheel-drive” (FWD), it can maneuver the same function as the front tires. So basically, rear tires can also move when you turn left or right.


In summary, in some cars, one tire doesn’t move when a car turns right—it is your rear right tire. The same goes with the left rear tire when you turn in the left direction. 

However, this is not the case for all cars. Some other cars, like FWD or 4×4, can move their rear tires when turning.



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