Tire Air Cap Missing: Is It a Big Problem? (Explained!)

If you are thinking about having a long drive and knowing that your tire air cap is missing, it’s best not to have a long drive without replacing it with a new one. 

So, is the tire air cap missing a big problem? There are no negative consequences if your car tire has a missing air cap. However, you might expose your tires to clogs with road dirt, grease, or ice. As a result, it becomes challenging to inflate your car and can lead to a slow leaking of air over time until it goes flat. 

Experts will instantly recommend the car owner to replace or buy a new tire cap to sustain your tires’ optimum capacity.

As responsible owners, if you don’t want to buy a new tire for your car, you should act immediately if it needs maintenance. Because if your car tire is still in good shape and only the car tire cap is just missing, replace it now. 

In this article, let’s know about tire caps, and it’s used to maintain your car tire in shape and in good driving condition. Keep on reading below!

Tire Air Cap Missing

Can You Drive Without Tire Caps?

Yes, you can still drive your car without tire caps. However, there is an excellent possibility that your tire will deflate over time because of the pressure while running. 

So, driving long hours with missing tire caps is impossible to reach your destination without any problem. However, if you are driving near, your car can still sustain it. 

Tire caps fall off for different reasons. Your tire caps usually get lost if it gets unscrewed or you don’t tightly fit it in your tire after inflating, also due to the severe pressure and movement that your car does for you while on the road. However, it takes road bumps and other obstacles, so wearing and threading itself is normal. 

A Tire Deflate Without A Cap?

No, your tire cap is essential, but keeping air is not one of its functions. The main reason you need to replace your tire cap is to protect it from dusk, mud, or ice getting inside your tires.

Tire caps protect the inner part of your tire from any debris that might damage the tire inside, which can lead to slow leaking of the air inside. 

How Do You Replace A Valve Cap?

Replacing a valve cap is very simple, and the process will take a few minutes of your time. Here is the step-by-step process:

1. Rotate your tires until your tire cap is upside down from your point of view. 

2. Spray a small amount of tire lubricant to the cap tire. 

3. Then, tightly grasp the base of your valve cap stem using pliers.

4. Lastly, replace the cap after filling your tire with proper air. 

In 4 easy steps, you can now have a safe long drive with conditioned tires. Moreover, if you don’t know how to replace your valve cap properly, you can ask a professional to do it for you. 

Are Air Valve Caps Universal?

There are Valve caps that are universal, but some car companies create specific valve caps for their cars. 

If you bought your car from a car company that produces their car accessories, you should buy it there if you lost your valve caps. In that way, you can minimize your spending by buying a valve from a different store that won’t fit perfectly with your tires. 


In summary, car valve caps have a particular function on your tires. It is a small accessory for your car, but it serves a great purpose in keeping your car in shape and condition. It also lessens the possibility for your tires to lose air because it is kept safe from the dust, mud, and ice contamination inside. 

Any car accessories broke down or got lost because of the pressure while using it. Unfortunately, it happens all the time, and you can’t avoid it. However, you can restore it by buying or replacing the missing parts.

As a car owner, if you notice that you have a missing tire cap, drive your car to the nearest car shop and replace the missing cap before taking it for a long ride.



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