Why Do Trucks Have Spikes? (Is It Legal?! Explained!)

Truck drivers put spikes in their truck wheels to signal those vehicles in the front, side, and back to correct their distance to the truck to avoid accidents. 

So, why do trucks have spikes? Truck spikes are used as protection and warning. First protection, spikes are designed to protect the lug nut from wear and tear damage, especially during rust from heavy rain. Second protection, truck spikes are noticeable, it sends warning to those motorists who get close, primarily commercial trucks with heavy loads. 

Wheel spikes are not illegal. Usually, trucks have more than four or five inches long spikes attached from the wheels. Truck spikes are made with soft material, and they will tear out or break off in an accident.

However, if you install spikes in your vehicle and your primary reason is to make your vehicle look cool and harm individuals passing by, that’s when it becomes illegal. 

If you think about installing spikes in your vehicle, you might need to rethink because you might get punished for your actions. 

In this article, let’s talk about track spikes and why some truck drivers install them. To know more about the facts about truck spikes, you can read more below.

Why Do Trucks Have Spikes

Why Do Trucks Have Spikes On Wheels?

The primary purpose of wheel spikes is to prevent your lug nut from corroding, rusting, and getting dirty. Also, it benefits from keeping other drivers away from the truck for protection. Here are the reasons:

1. It acts as the protective shield for your lug nuts that secures your wheels on your truck.

2. It acts as a crash deterrent for other vehicle owners on the road that may attempt to get close to the truck.

3. It also acts as a decorative feature that adds character and style to the truck driver’s main income point. 

At first glance, you might see these truck wheel spikes are for show only. However, these spikes can save a life not only from the truck driver but your life as well. 

Spikes also speak safety and warning, making the other drivers take extra care when passing a big truck. 

There are some instances that there are stubborn drivers on the road and don’t care about the warning signs. It is why making an effort and making your car noticeable for the warning can effectively slow down. 

Why Do Trucks Have Spikes On Rims?

The same reason above it’s for protection and warning. Truck drivers install rims with spikes because they want to warn other vehicle drivers that it is dangerous to get near the truck because it is heavy and sensitive to car accidents. 

It may look dangerous, but you should not; you should see it as a sign to protect that truck driver’s life and your life too. 

Also, spikes on rims protect the truck from water, snow, dust, and debris that could damage and corrode the wheels. These spike-shapes are also efficient for tossing dirt, ice, and whatnot. 

Are Spikes On Truck Wheels Legal?

Yes, it’s legal if your purpose is for the good of everyone. However, it would help if you also took some required length of spikes that you should put on your rims because more than 5 feet will make it dangerous to others, especially if you are passing through a close aisle or one lane only.  

Accidents happen during this event or situation, so if you’re thinking of installing one, you should also think about the purpose and safety. 

Are Spikes On Truck Wheels Dangerous?

No, truck spikes are not dangerous, but they could scratch a car if they get near the truck wheels. Most of these spikes are made with aluminum alloy, but it is not so strong that it could harm a person ultimately.

However, there are dangerous wheel spikes, especially if it’s made of solid materials and their purpose is to harm and kill people. So be careful with those owners of vehicles that attach spikes for fun and harm. You can call the nearest police station and report it’s car serial no.


In summary, truck spikes are used for protecting and giving warnings to all vehicles in the streets. Usually, spikes are installed in big commercial trucks that carry loads of goods, delivery trucks, etc. 

It also makes a truck unique and noticeable, making you avoid getting close to the truck and be conscious while driving beside a truck. Also, truck spikes are very helpful, especially if driving with road obstacles like heavy mud and snow.

Lastly, your safety is essential, especially while driving, so safety accessories like spikes are a great help to maintain the safety of the road and the life of everyone.



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