Tire Won’t Come Off: How to Fix That? (Explained!)

Changing a tire is a complicated and stressful task; however, when the wheel becomes stuck and you cannot remove it from your vehicle, the process becomes aggravating. This is a troublesome and worrisome situation for car drivers and it can be aggravating too. So you should know how to fix that. 

So how to fix if your tire will not come off? Always use protective gear and seek assistance from a skilled mechanic if you are unsure how to proceed. To remove a stuck wheel, you can use these methods and they are to drive slowly and dislodge the nuts, use and spray a rust sealant, kick with your foot, wood and a big chisel.

Even with all of the lug nuts removed, the wheel may not be ready to be removed. Various factors can bring this, none of which are particularly serious. But at least once in their driving life, you will be able to experience that your tire will not come off. 

It is a good experience though so that you will know what to do about it again. In this article you will know all the methods in how to take your tire off if you are having a hard time. 

Here’s a quick guide to getting it fixed.

Tire Won’t Come Off

What Does It Mean When Your Tire Won’t Come Off?

Most of the time, it’s only a thick layer of rust from the vehicle being in place for a long time. However, this rust between the wheel and the hub’s mounting surface can become quite sticky; it’s almost like a stack of adhesive that can hold the wheel to the center point.

If you drive where there is snow and road salt, such components could get into your aluminum alloy rims and hub, causing rust. These corrosive elements tightly bond your wheel to the hub, making replacing a worn-out tire nearly impossible.

It’s a problem with aluminum wheels and steel wheels, which can occur in any weather pattern after some time.

How Do You Remove A Tire That Won’t Come Off?

So here are some simple tips that you can use to free stuck wheels. Always use protective gear and seek assistance from a skilled mechanic if you are unsure how to proceed. To remove a stuck wheel, follow these tips:

Drive Slowly And Dislodge The Nuts

If you are close to a service station or a garage, loosen the wheel nuts but do not remove them entirely. Instead, lower the car and move it forward and backward a few feet. 

You should now be able to remove the wheel because it has loosened. Ensure that the nuts are not so loose that they fall off when driving the car, and drive slowly to avoid accidents.

Use And Spray A Rust Sealant

If you have aluminum alloys or steel wheels, there is a good chance that rust will form on the hub. To loosen the wheel, use a rust removal lubricant. Remove the wheel cap and spray the wheel studs first in the procedure. Lubricants such as PB Blazer or Liquid Wrench can be used.

Kick With Your Foot

Remove all wheel bolts or nuts except one after jacking up the car. Hit the tire with your foot while it is off the ground. Check that the jack stands securely support your car. Rotate the wheel and kick it once more. 

With consistent effort, the wheel should separate from the hub, and you should be able to remove it comfortably after unscrewing the last bolt.

Wood And A Big Chisel

Make sure the jack stands securely to support the car. Next, locate 2X4 lumber and place it in the space between the wheel and tire.

Locate a hard hammer and then crawl under the car. Put the wood across the wheel and tire and hit it with your hammer. It will free up the wheel and allow you to carefully remove it from the hub.

If your jack stands fail, the car will collapse on you and kill you instantly. To use the hammer, you must also be strong.

Why Is It So Hard To Get My Tire Off?

Most cars today have alloy wheels, which not only look cool but are also lighter than conventional, allowing manufacturers to meet strict fuel economy targets.

Corrosion occurs when two different metals come into contact, causing them to stick together. It is a concern among all vehicles that have alloy rims.

Tire Won’t Come Off After Lug Nuts Are Off: What To Do?

Keep in mind that lug nuts are exposed to virtually every element that could cause corrosion.

First, double-check your safety equipment: eye protection, jack stands, and anything else that will keep you from being killed when this wheel finally comes loose.

Then, please take out the rust blaster and soak the bolt and nuts in it.

After a few hours, try to remove the nut.

If it doesn’t work, put a longish piece of steel pipe over the end of the breaker bar to increase the lever’s moment arm and try again.

Specific Car Models

The following are some suggestions for each vehicle.

Mazda 3 Tire Won’t Come Off

The beveled end of the jack lever can pry off the wheel cover. Instead, use a jack and turn it clockwise to elevate the car enough to install the spare tire.

Before stripping away the lug nuts, ensure that your Mazda is securely in place and cannot fall or move.

Kia Soul Tire Won’t Come Off

Engage the emergency parking brake and remove the nuts with a jack and a lug wrench. To tighten the nuts and replace the hubcap, use the lug wrench.

Ford Focus Tire Won’t Come Off

Hammer the nuts off, then get some AntiSeize and smear it on the hub before reinstalling the wheel.

Also, kicking back and forth on both sides works better than a hammer from behind.

F150 Tire Won’t Come Off

To loosen the rust, walk it a little from the back all around. If you never remove the wheels, road sediment, rust, and other debris will accumulate and harden inside. 

Get on to the backside and either push (if you have a lift) or shake it back and forth. If you can’t get it off, don’t do anything stupid; instead, take it to a shop.

Honda CRV Tire Won’t Come Off

Consider placing your CRV on a flat surface if possible. Remove the spare tire once you’ve discovered you have a flat tire. The CRV’s spare tire is attached to the back door. Using the lug wrench, loosen the lug nuts on the damaged tire. 

Next, raise your Honda CRV off the ground. Please remove all of the lug nuts and set them aside.

Honda Accord Tire Won’t Come Off

Kick the tire’s bottom. Then, with a rubber mallet, strike the inner side of the rim. Make an effort not to rock the car too much.

Dodge RAM Tire Won’t Come Off

To eat the rust, use a piece of 2×4 and a large mallet or Blaster.

Dodge Charger Tire Won’t Come Off

Spray a generous amount of penetrating lube onto all bolts, let it sit, and try again. Otherwise, please take it to a tire shop; they should extract it.

Dodge Dart Tire Won’t Come Off

Use anti-rust lubricant or anti-rust lubricant and leave it to work for a few tens of minutes before unlocking the nuts. 

Another option is to look for electric shock wrenches, which have much higher torque than your arm plus the socket wrench and will assist you in unlocking the nuts.

Prius Tire Won’t Come Off

Replace the lug nuts, then turn them several times to loosen them.

Then, head back and forth a few times and hit the brakes hard each time to come to a stop. That should break the wheel loose, allowing you to jack up the car and remove it.

Toyota Tacoma Tire Won’t Come Off

Place two or three nuts across from one another and engage three or four threads (3 or 4 rotations). Lower the vehicle and drive a few feet back and forth. The wheel will break off and then be eradicated.

Toyota Camry Tire Won’t Come Off

Kicking on the top of the tire appears to be the easiest way to use the heel of your foot. However, if you kick it on the bottom, you are more likely to use the ball of your foot, which can be painful. 

Alternatively, you can pound it with a heavy rubber mallet. Just be careful not to go too far because even a rubber mallet can bend the rim.

Toyota Tundra Tire Won’t Come Off

Hit the stuck tire as close to the outer diameter as possible to increase the leverage. Take care, however, to ensure that the truck is securely jacked up and stable.

Jeep Patriot Tire Won’t Come Off

Allow the lug to run down into the hub by spraying it at the top of the rotation. Apply the brakes several times to help the penetrating oil penetrate the area. Then, using a hammer, begin hitting the inside of the rim while rotating the wheel. 

Jeep Wrangler Tire Won’t Come Off

Reduce the jack’s weight to see if it breaks the seal.

Remove the spare, re-raise the jack, and shove the spare underneath the Jeep by the frame. This way, if you accidentally knock the Jeep off the jack, it won’t land on the caliper, and you’ll have enough room to replace the jack.

Jeep Cherokee Tire Won’t Come Off

Reduce the jack’s weight to see if it breaks the seal.

Remove the spare, re-raise the jack, and shove the spare underneath the Jeep by the frame. This way, if you accidentally knock the Jeep off the jack, it won’t land on the caliper, and you’ll have enough room to replace the jack.

Jeep CompassTire Won’t Come Off

Soaking it in PB blaster for a few hours and then sled all around the outside of the tire. Then, try reinstalling the rusted bolts but not tightening them all the way, then driving in a circle.

Volvo Tire Won’t Come Off

Whack the backside of the wheel with a hefty brass mallet or a dead blow hammer, such as the backside of the wheel’s lip. Turn the wheel if you hit it more than once or twice in the same spot. After that, apply anti-seize to the hub.

Volkswagen Tire Won’t Come Off

Simply kick the bottom of the wheel in the direction of the car, taking care not to rock the car off the jack.

BMW Tire Won’t Come Off

Put a small 2×4 on its side on the ground on the inside of the tire. 

Then, take a long 2×4 from the other side of the car and stick it under, one end against the shortboard and the other against the tire. Then, strike the end that isn’t on the tire with a rubber hammer.

Audi Tire Won’t Come Off

Simply loosen the wheel nuts a few turns until they are loose but still attached, then drive a meter at 3-4 mph and break abruptly. After that, the wheel will come free, and you can remove the nut as usual.


In summary, it’s inconvenient to have a wheel stuck on a tire, especially if you’re in a hurry. Corrosion between the rim and hub is the most common cause of a wheel becoming stuck on the tire. 

This corrosive element acts as a strong glue, making it difficult to remove the wheel from the hub.

There are a lot of solutions that have been proposed to remove the tire, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.



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