3 Types Of Car Mirrors (That You Need to Know!)

In every vehicle, it is composed of a lot of mirrors. In real life, mirrors might just be used for beautification, but the mirrors have a different function inside a car. Mirrors inside the vehicle are there so that the driver and even the passengers can see the different activities and motions outside the vehicle if the car is in motion or not. 

Therefore, it is vital for a person who drives a car to know all the functions of these mirrors and always use them, especially if the vehicle is running. The driving mirror is located inside the car and above the seat of the driver. This mirror will help the driver calculate or know the distance between his vehicle and the vehicle behind him. 

They can also use the driving mirror to watch for all the things happening inside the car. Many people are just familiar with the rearview mirror, but there are still other mirrors in the car that a driver can use. So with that, you should be able to know how vital the mirrors are inside your car. 

If you are driving a vehicle, there is no way you can see all corners and all directions from around your car with no mirrors. That is the reason why mirrors are installed in a vehicle.

So if you are a beginner in driving or want to revisit the types of car mirrors and their functions, this article is meant for you. At the end of this article, you will know and understand the different types of car mirrors inside a car and how they can be used for driving, so let us start.

Types Of Car Mirrors

1. Side Mirror

The first type of car mirror is the side mirror. The sider mirrors are also called car wings or door mirrors. These mirrors are mounted on the doors of the car. 

These mirrors must remain of good quality and must be fitted so that the quality of the car can be worthy for the public road. These mirrors must be cleaned and clear at all times. So have the habit of constantly cleaning your side mirrors. 

Every vehicle is equipped with a side mirror. The side mirrors are found on both sides of the car. With these side mirrors, they will help the driver see vehicles coming from the side of their car. 

If you still have a blindside, these mirrors can help you by removing the blind spots. These mirrors are also called a door, side, or fender for those of you who do not know. 

If your side mirrors ever have a crack or are broken, you need to have this mirror fixed immediately. Mirrors are essential for a vehicle and the safety of the driver and all the passengers.

2. Front View Mirror

The second type of car mirror is the front side mirror. The front view mirror will reflect the motion that is happening nearest your car. This front view mirror is used along the side of the rearview mirror. 

This type of car mirror must be used before you start your vehicle. The front view mirror will also reflect the images of whatever is near to your vehicle. You can use this front view mirror along the side of the rearview mirror.

3. Rear View Mirror

The second type of car mirror is the rearview mirror. The rearview mirror can be found in vehicles with a flat end. This type of car mirror provides the driver a view of any objects or motions in the closest range to your vehicle. 

This is done by reflecting images into the interior driving mirror. Some vehicles are playing the role of even sensors to inform alarms. This type of car mirror is the most used car mirror. 

This mirror can be found above your dashboard. If you look at this mirror, you will then see all of the things behind you. So if you are still practicing, make sure to use this car mirror at all times, especially if you are trying to back your car up. 

This is to avoid any commotion or hitting something when you are backing your car up. If you are also driving on the road and want to switch lanes, you need to use your rearview mirror before changing your lines. 

You do not want to switch your lanes when a car is approaching your preferred lanes. The Rearview mirror is a handy and essential car mirror. Use it consistently, especially if you are driving.  


In summary, mirrors inside the car have a different function when they are outside the car. They are used for safety and for looking at all the directions around the vehicle. Therefore, an essential part of driving is to learn your mirrors. 

These mirrors will help you during your driving. These mirrors can also provide you safety during driving. There are three types of car mirrors, so make sure to know all of these so that you can drive safely.

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