5 Types of Mufflers (That You Need to Know!)

Not everyone knows what a muffler is. So let us introduce it to you. A muffler is a vital part of every vehicle. This muffles the one that controls the sound that your engine is releasing. 

This is from the individual chambers that are inside the muffler. With that, not all mufflers offer you the same service. So you need to choose a good and fantastic muffler to deliver an excellent sound. 

Aside from that, mufflers can also improve your fuel economy and can also improve your performance. Every type of car has its specific designed muffler. So having a muffler can give you three (3) benefits. 

First, in terms of horsepower, having a muffler will allow more airflow. It will also decrease the backpressure of the throttle response. Second, in terms of the sound, a muffler will offer you a more quiet ride. 

If your engine does not have a muffler, the engine will be loud. This is because the muffler’s job is to control and regulate the sound going out through the chambers inside the design. Finally, it will also improve your fuel economy. 

This benefit might not be very noticeable, but it will have a difference in your fuel economy numbers. This is because the engine will then circulate even better with the muffler. As a result, it will add improvement to the efficient operation.

Types of Mufflers

1. Turbo Silencers

The first type of muffler is turbo silencers. This type of muffler is one step above the factory variety. However, the turbo silencer is considered to be a restrictive muffler. 

It enables the air to flow into a direct path. However, this type of muffler has a poor gas flow. Nevertheless, it offers pretty sound and is more suitable for the average driver with a modest upgrade over the factory exhaust system. 

This type of muffler has an s-shaped path. This s-shaped path enables gas to flow through the silencer before it is forced out into the tube. Remember, it has a poor gas flow; it is restrictive but provides an excellent quiet sound.

2. Straight-Through Silencers

The second type of muffler is the straight-through silencers. This type of muffler is a glass pack muffler. It is also called the cherry bomb of the car community. 

This muffler has been around the market for decades. These straight-through silencers have been the first choice for those car drivers who aim to have a unique car sound and, at the same time, not too hurtful for the pocket because this type of muffler is very affordable. This type of muffler has been famous since the 1970s. 

The straight-through silencers are using a perforated tube. With this, the gas is then enforced from the inlet of the silencer and into the outlet. 

When this happens, it has a minimal flow restriction. There are holes in the pipe, and this pipe will let the gas go silently.

3. Silencer Inlets

The third type of muffler is the silencer inlets. The silencer inlets have been very famous for the last two decades. They have been famous, especially in the world of imports. 

This silencer inlets type of muffler is also known for its coffee can exhaust pipe. This is because of the distinct sound it is producing. In addition, the silencer inlets are allowing an increase in the horsepower rating. 

This is due to the air passing straight into the tube instead of going into a traditional chamber like any other muffler. If you want to have this type of muffler, it will depend on the existing exhaust system in your vehicle. If you checked yours and have a standard system, you will need to check your owner’s manual and look for the details for your vehicle.  

And if you also have decided that you want to buy your exhaust system, you must make sure that you will check which inlet type will work with the model of your car and the make of your car. If you’re still unsure, you can consult your mechanic and ask for an expert’s opinion.

4. Performance Silencers

The fourth type of muffler is the performance silencers. The performance silencers can provide improvement in the performance of your vehicle. You can find these mufflers when you look for companies like Flowmaster or the Thrush. 

If you choose a performance silencer, it can give you a deeper and more aggressive exhaust tone. They do this by using a resonating chamber in the muffler. 

If you choose this type of muffler, they will change the sound of your car by using a resonating chamber, and this resonating chamber will intensify and tune an existing exhaust note. So if you will have this performance silencer, the result will be a more aggressive sound if you compare it to a standard muffler.

5. Multiple Baffle Silencers

The last is the multiple baffle silencers. The muffles that have multiple baffle silencers are the factory models that are pre-installed in the vehicle. If you choose this type of muffler, this muffler is a restrictive type.  

Its objective is to have a quiet sound because of more airflow. This is the reason why vehicle owners are changing them for aftermarket replacements. 

This multiple baffle minutes of silence has an exhaust gas coming from the holes punched in the walls of the silencer tube. As mentioned, this type of muffler is restrictive because they muffle the sounds from the engine through a pulse reflection.


In summary, a muffler is used so that the sound from your vehicle’s engine will be muffled. Every type of car and every model has its specific muffler.  You need to pick the right one, though, to have a good and better result. 

There are five types of mufflers in the market, and each muffler has its use and features. You need to find the one that suits you and your vehicle. Having a muffler can increase performance and improve fuel economy.

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