Uber Jump Start: Will Uber Driver Jumpstart My Car?

One of the great things about Uber and similar services is that they get to you quickly and cost cheaper. Thus, you may wonder if you can rent an uber to help you in times of need. For instance, if you have a dead battery, wouldn’t it be possible to have someone’s uber car help you jumpstart yours? So, you may ask:

Can I do an Uber Jump Start? Will an Uber driver jumpstart my car? Uber is a transportation service and not roadside assistance. Thus, jumpstarting isn’t a part of their service. Still, it would depend on the uber driver you’re meeting and how willing they are to help you. Also, the driver may or may not have jumper cables, so make sure you have your own.

If you’re out and you need an immediate jumpstart, the idea of calling an uber offers a quicker and cheaper cost than calling a tow truck or roadside assistance. However, since jumpstarting isn’t a part of the service, you can’t get mad at a driver who refuses such. Also, you’ll need to know that you need jumper cables, and these drivers likely don’t have one with them.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the idea of hiring an Uber to help you jumpstart a car. Then, we’ll give you the possible benefits and answer some questions you may have been wondering about for some time now. This way, you can weigh down your ideas to see if it’s a great life hack or it’s just another fun theory to know.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Uber Jump Start Will Uber Driver Jumpstart My Car

Can I Call Uber for a Jump Start?

The short answer is yes. In general, you can always call an uber for a jump start. However, the question is on the driver’s willingness to help you do so.

A jump start is a necessary thing whenever you have your car, and the battery died down. This method works by using jumper cables to connect your car to another car’s battery to start.

This way, your car will receive a boost of power enough to fire up your engine and have your battery recharge while it’s running.

Now, the idea of hiring an Uber for a jump start is simple. Since the driver will go to you, you’ll have another car next to you within a few minutes or so.

In reality, the idea sounds excellent since Uber takes minutes to get to you. Moreover, it can be simple and cheaper than calling a towing service or having roadside assistance.

With such a method, you can jump-start your car and simply give a nice tip and pay the Uber driver for the jump start. It will only take less than five minutes, and then you’re out and running with your car again.

Now, one thing to note is that while calling an Uber sounds like a great idea. However, there’s a problem with such.

Since Uber is a transportation service, roadside assistance like helping you jump-start your car isn’t included in their service. 

In short, you can call an Uber for a jumpstart. However, the question is, will the Uber driver be willing to give you a jump start?

Will Uber Give You a Jump Start?

In most cases, an Uber driver will give you a jump start. These drivers won’t mind doing so when you think about it since it won’t harm their batteries by jumpstarting another car. 

However, you should note that Uber drivers are individuals with different personalities. While some drivers are willing to help you, others may not be the same.

In general, you can’t get mad at an Uber driver who refuses since it’s not something that’s included in their service.

Another thing to note is that they may not have a jumper cable in their trunks since they are Uber drivers. Thus, if both of you have no jumper cables, you may waste your time as well as the time of the Uber you just called.

Also, the Uber you called may have a smaller car battery than yours. If so, it might not be enough to jumpstart your car.

In short, there’s always a 50-50 chance of success when calling for an Uber to give you a jumpstart. When you get lucky, you can save a lot of money, and it will be cheaper. However, when the driver refuses or doesn’t have jumper cables, you can waste your time and money.

How Much Should You Tip the Uber Driver for a Jump Start?

Since a Jump Start isn’t included in the services of an Uber driver, you may want to give a good tip to the driver who is willing to help you jump-start your car.

In general, it can cost you around $75 to $120 for towing service or at least $50 for roadside assistance when you don’t have it for free.

Thus, if you hire an Uber and the driver helped you, you can give at least $30 to $50. Even if it seems a lot, it’s still cheaper than calling a towing service. Moreover, it’s more of gratitude you can express to an Uber driver who just took the extra mile to help you with your car.

Is It the Right Thing to Do to Call Uber to Jumpstart Your Car?

In general, it’s not the right thing to call Uber to jumpstart your car since jumpstarting isn’t included in their service. Moreover, it’s a game of chances to call a transportation service to help you on the road.

If you want sure help, you can always call roadside assistance for it. This way, you can ensure complete assistance to get you up and to run.

Now, if you’re willing to take chances with calling an Uber, you may enjoy quicker help coming your way and a possible cheaper cost.

However, you will always have to keep in mind that you’ll need the willingness of the driver and the jumper cable for the “Uber help” to work. Also, you need to make sure that the car that’s going to you has a suitable battery that can start your car.


In a nutshell, calling an Uber to help you jumpstart your car offers a promising cheaper and quicker assistance. However, it’s not 100% reliable all the time. In addition, Uber is a transportation company, not a towing business. As a result, jumpstarting isn’t included in their service. 

Still, it depends on the uber driver you encounter and how eager they are to assist you. Also, the driver could or might not have jumper wires, so bring your own.

In general, the best way to solve this jumpstarting issue is always to have a portable car battery charger in your trunk so you won’t have to deal with such issues.

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