Who Makes Supertech Oil Filters? (And Are They Any Good?)

Every vehicle needs a clear oil, and it should always be made sure that only clean oil enters your vehicle, which is why you need a good oil filter. So, where are these Supertech oil filters found, and who makes them? Let us discuss that.

So who makes Supertech oil motors? These Supertech motor oils are made by champion labs in the United States of America.

As a driver, you must always ensure that only the clean oil would go into your vehicle’s engine. And that is why oil filters are created. The job of the oil filters is to assist in removing any contaminants in your engine oil. 

Engine oil cleans your engine, and it circulates your engine and keeps your engine’s components clean with all the dirt and the contaminants that can grow over time. So it is essential to have a perfect oil filter because it is equally important to have clean engine oil. If your oil is unfiltered and there is nothing that is removing any dirt in your engine oil, your engine oil will become dirty for about a period, and that is when it would create wear in your engine. 

So this is you need a perfect oil filter, and Supertech oil filters are the best in the market. So now, let us discuss Supertech oil filters.

Who Makes Supertech Oil Filters

What Company Makes Supertech Oil Filters?

Champion Labs make Supertech oil filters. They are made in the United states of America. In terms of manufacturing, Supertech oil filters are manufactured in about six different states. 

They are also with the help of Wiz and Walmart. So there are about three different companies that have come together to produce the Supertech oil filters. The first company is Wix. 

The Wix is the first and the original manufacturer of this oil filter. Shortly after that, Walmart came, and they gave help to the Wiz to make oil filters. Walmart was triggered by the appearance of Bosch in the automotive maintenance industry. 

The third company is the Champion. The company Champion was registered by Walmart so that they can do the making of the oil filters. 

A lot of people are thinking that Walmart is the one that is producing the oil filters. But that is not entirely true. The truth is that Walmart has a fantastic marketing superstructure, and they also have their connections. 

With that, Walmart uses its connections to advertise the Supertech oil filters and advertise the brand and make the product earn a spot in the growing market.  So to explain clearly, Wix had the support and the strength of Walmart in terms of economic growth. But, on the other hand, Walmart has its hands on the expertise and specialization of Wix in making the oil filter. 

Walmart was then already engrossed in the production of the oil filters. After that, Walmart then stopped the distribution of Purolator. Instead of producing and promoting Purolator, they have started their promotion of Supertech oil filters. 

With this new venture, Walmart is now able to sell premium oil filters with premium brands. You can get these premium brand and premium oil filters at just a very affordable price. Doing this is aligned with their goal. 

Their goal is to reach the number one brand of oil filter that every consumer buys in the market.  The good thing about their journey is that Walmart did not become satisfied. Instead, they have continued their journey in venturing oil filters. 

They still keep on improving their market for their oil filters, and they have used the expertise that the Wix had given them. So they have reached the point of having their Supertech oil filters at the top, and no oil filter can reach and take their place.

Are Supertech Oil Filters Any Good?

Yes, Supertech oil filters are excellent. Supertech oil filters have their reviews, and the reviews are excellent. The primary purpose of an oil filter is to keep the engine oil clean when entering your engine. 

With this definition, it is no question that Supertech oil filters do the job. However, this is only not just for the consumers. 

There are many mechanics, and these are experts on what they do, and they have also tested and stood upon the claim that this oil filter is perfect. So with that, let us give you three functions of Supertech oils.

  1. The Supertech Is Produced With A Very Efficient Media

The Supertech oil filters are produced with a very efficient filtering media. When we say filtering media, it provides a higher level of protection in removing dirt and the filter with excellent efficiency. The Supertech oil filter also has natural fibers and synthetic fibers. 

With the fantastic composition of their material, they are perfectly able to perform in their best condition. With these strong filters, they can stand firm and survive even very harsh conditions. Every product of Supertech oil filter is made with the center tube. 

This center tube is giving a filter that is without fail. In addition, the tube will also help ensure that the flow of the engine oil is proper.

2. The Supertech Oil Filters Is Qualified For The Needed Requirements

If you look up the Supertech oil filter, you will notice that these oil filters are made with the help of one of the best OEM oil filters. They are the original and one of the excellent manufacturers of oil filters. With the help of these fantastic manufacturers, it is without a doubt that Supertech oil filters are qualified and have met the high standards of the needed requirements. 

With their help, it is an assurance that the Supertech oil filters give the best and optimum protection needed by every vehicle, especially those modern vehicles. They do not just meet the requirement; for that matter, they have exceeded the requirements. As a bonus, the warranties of every vehicle will also remain and will not be void even if you will use these oil filters.

3. Supertech Oil Filter Takes Away All The Filth And Grime And Defends Your Motor Oil From Being Dirty 

The Supertech oil filter is excellent at its job of removing away any dirt and preventing any filth from going into your engine oil. This will then keep your engine oil from going bad and from being dirty. And that is very important because your engine oil must remain clean and in good condition because it is the one that maintains the excellent condition of your engine and your car. 

However, with the incredible powers of Supertech motor oils, you will still need to follow the basic rules of how to maintain your motor oil in its best condition. You will need to change your oil every about five thousand miles to seven thousand miles. If you follow these basic rules and have a Supertech oil filter, it is without a doubt that your vehicle will remain good. 

With the partnership of Walmart and Wix, these filters are produced in the United States of America. Today, with the Champion company’s help, Walmart can produce these Supertech oil filters. You must know that there are a few kinds of Supertech oil filters. The price of each Supertech oil filter would be around 2.97 dollars to 4.27 dollars each on average. 

With the Supertech oil filters, they can amazingly last for about thirty thousand miles. In addition, if you use the Supertech oil filter, you can rest assured that it will significantly screen the impurities and dirt inside your engine oil. Removing this dirt will always take away any foreign contaminants that can enter your vehicle’s engine. 

With this, you can also ensure that the engine will operate in a very efficient manner. You must always make your engine oil clean because if your engine oil is dirty, it will affect your vehicle’s engine and affect your vehicle’s performance. 

Where Can You Get Supertech Oil Filters?

You can find Supertech oil filters in any place that is partnered with the manufacturers. So, for example, you can find them in Walmart. 

The champion lab makes Supertech. They can be made from either Mobil/Exxon, chevron, or warren. 

The country where you will be buying it makes a difference. For example, Supertech oil is the best-selling brand of oil filters. You can find this in Walmart.


In summary, you must ensure that your engine oil is clean and free of any dirt. That is why you need an oil filter. The best oil filter that is claimed today is the Supertech oil filter. 

They are made in the United States of America, and the champion lab makes them. The product is very excellent in meeting the goals of keeping your engine oil clean.

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