What Happens If You Drink Motor Oil? (And What To Do?)

Motor oil is a vital fluid for your vehicle. Your engine needs motor oil and so do the other components of your vehicle. With that, it is essential to maintain sufficient motor oil for your engine. 

So what would happen if you drink motor oil? Motor oil is poisonous and if you drink it, there will be coughing, choking, vomiting, and many other symptoms. So with that, you should make sure that you store motor oil in a secure place and keep it out of reach of children. 

However, as much as having motor oil is vital to your vehicle; there can also be some harm from the motor oil. There are also incidents where some people have accidentally drunk or voluntarily drank motor oil. 

Motor oil is important for your vehicle but most fluids for your vehicle are toxic and not to be drunk and motor oil is part of these fluids. Motor oil is dangerous and poisonous to humans. But it is important to know more about the effects of motor oil for humans. With that, a lot of people are asking what would happen if they drank motor oil. 

In this article, we’ll be going to discuss this matter. Here we go.

What Happens If You Drink Motor Oil

Is Motor Oil Poisonous To Humans?

Yes, motor oil is poisonous. This is why motor oil should be stored where it is safe and where the children cannot reach it. If you change your oil, it is recommended and strongly advised to drain your motor oil into proper disposal. 

You should not drain it everywhere because someone might accidentally drink it. A motor oil can be dangerous if you swallow it and reach the lungs of the body. Those people who have respiratory symptoms who have drank motor oil should go to the ER to get help. 

Used motor oil contains contaminants, but a one-time exposure will be pretty unlikely to cause toxicity. There will be a laxative effect if a small amount of motor oil is swallowed and goes down the food pipe and into a person’s body. The laxative effect means there will be diarrhea or loose stool. 

So at home, you need to store your motor oils properly. Take the person who has consumed motor oil in the ER. That person will be evaluated and undergo an x-ray for some inflammation in the lungs. 

Used motor oil contains contaminants that are present in new motor oil. If your vehicle is running, motor oil will be exposed to high heat. With that, it will create a new chemical. 

This chemical is even more toxic. It will circulate into the car machinery, and the motor oil will collect the metal contaminants. 

So you should always dispose of the motor oil properly so that you do not harm the environment and other people. Used motor oil has a risk of aspiration. 

What Happens When You Drink Motor Oil?

If you drink motor oil, there will be symptoms that will be noticeable in your body. These symptoms will happen after consuming motor oil.

1. There Will Be Cough

After drinking motor oil, the person will be experiencing a solid cough. These coughs will also be repetitive. 

2. There Will Be Choking

After drinking motor oil, the person will be experiencing choking. Upon consuming, the person will choke. Have the person checked in an emergency room.

3. There Will Be Vomit

After drinking motor oil, the person will be experiencing vomiting. Therefore, aside from the choking, the person will also likely vomit. 

4. There Will Be Burning In The Stomach

After drinking motor oil, the person will be experiencing some burning in the stomach. The patient must be sent to the ER for some help and medicine. 

What To Do When You Drink Motor Oil?

If you have drunk motor oil, you should immediately go to the emergency room. You should immediately seek medical help. You will experience a lot of physical symptoms. 

What Does Motor Oil Taste Like?

The taste is not something you find on the internet often because who would want to taste motor oil. But a professional taster said that the taste of motor oil is slightly bitter and spicy. So motor oil that is high quality should be bitter and spicy in a balanced taste.

What Happens If You Inhale Motor Oil?

Motor oil has hydrocarbons. A lot of young children are poisoned because they have swallowed motor oil. A lot of them would recover, though. 

But the significant risk is when people are breathing and inhaling motor oil. Inhalation of this can cause some fatal, irregular heartbeats or cardiac arrest. This is most especially after stress or exertion. 

What Happens If You Drink Used Motor Oil?

A swallowed hydrocarbon will cause you some choking and coughing. This will make the liquid hydrocarbon enter into the airways, and it will irritate the lungs. 

This is called a severe condition named chemical pneumonitis. After, it will become severe pneumonia. 


In summary, so many people are wondering what would happen if they drank motor oil. Motor oil is poisonous, and this must be kept away from the reach of children. 

Swallowing motor oil can cause a lot of physical symptoms like coughing and vomiting. Inhaling motor oil is also dangerous to one’s health.

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