Blower On Engine (Explained For Beginners)

Nowadays, a lot of people are learning about driving a vehicle. Automobiles are tricky, and they are sometimes a mystery. There are just so many components inside and outside of a vehicle. 

With that, a person who is just beginning to learn about automobiles has a lot of questions about a car. And one of those questions is about the blower on the engine. So if you have the same question too and are just a beginner, this article is made for you. 

In this article, we’ll talk all about blowers on engines. Blowers play an important part on the engines of every vehicle. All the components of a vehicle play a good part on the condition of the vehicles. 

Blowers in a vehicle function like a fan. This plays a vital role in the performance and the condition of a vehicle. So if you suspect that there is something wrong with your blower, you have to consult it with an expert. 

As a car driver, it is also very important that you will learn about blowers on your engine and what it does for your vehicle. With that, this article has been made so without further ado, let’s get started. 

Blower On Engine

What Is A Blower On A Car?

The blower of a vehicle is like a fan. This fan will push the heated or cooled air into the dashboard vets. This is based on the climate system settings and the speed of the fan that is selected. 

If you adjust the fan’s speed, it will send a signal to the resistor and the blower motor to pick up the pace or to slow it down. The blower motor resistor will adjust the amount of current going into the blower motor and be based on the selected fan speed. If a blown motor fails, a minimal amount of air will come through the interior vents based on the air outside entering the climate system. 

If your fan does not work, you have to check the fuses first and check if it is still in good condition. Do not always blame the blower motor. Many vehicles have two fuses for their blower motor. 

There is one in the interior fuse block, and there is also one under the hood. You can usually find the blower motor under your dashboard on the passenger side. 

The blower motors have these very loud squeaks, or they might have a rattling noise because of a worn-out. However, these noises can be caused by some debris or leaves, but they can be cleaned if the motor is removed from the vehicle. 

Where Can You Find Blower On Engine?

You can refer to your repair manual for the location of your blower motor on your engine. But sometimes, it can be located in the passenger side of the footwell area, below the glove box. Those vehicles made in the mid-late 1990s have blower motors or passenger side firewalls in their engine bay.

So you can see them in plain sight. Most of the time, you can find the blower motor in one or two places. 

They are under the dash or the hood on the passenger side of the vehicle. One blower motor is working for all the climate control modes. 

What Does A Blower Do To An Engine?

A blower is an air compressor. This air compressor will increase the density or the pressure of the air supplied to a combustion engine. This will make each of the intake cycles with more oxygen, and it will allow it to burn more fuel and increase the power. 

So the blower is a general term for an air compressor. It works by increasing the pressure or the density of the air that will enter the engine and provide more oxygen to burn fuel with. Blowers are air pumps, and they push more air into the engine cylinders of your vehicle. 

If the blower compresses and compacts more air, there will be more fuel in the engine. As a result, there’ll be a charge of combustion, and it will become stronger and enable the engine to make more power. 

Can You Put A Blower On A Stock Engine?

Yes, you can put a blower in a stock engine. Many vehicles have cheap and low-pressure supercharger kits, and they can be installed very easily. Toyota has large engines, and they have a factory supercharger kit and some other car brands as well.

What Is The Difference Between A Blower And A Turbo?

A supercharge will use a mechanical output of an engine to drive a compressor that will feed a pressurized atmosphere to the engine. A supercharge can be driven by a gear drive or a driveshaft in automotive applications. There are many types of superchargers with the basis of a type of compressor, which can be centrifugal or a positive displacement. 

Both of them have strong points. A positive displacement blower is mounted on top of the intake manifold. A turbocharge will also use heat and some pressure coming from the exhaust side of the engine. 

The good thing about the turbos is the benefit of having a flexible mounting location from under the hood. If the space is tight, the plumbing and the exhaust will be routed in virtual configuration. 

What Is The Use Of Blower In Cars?

The blower of a vehicle is used to move air from the outside and called vented air or from a cabin air past the heater core or an air conditioning evaporator. With this, it will make the heat transfer to the inside of the vehicle and the outside. The majority of the vehicle will have a blower from under their dash, near the kick panel on the right side of the vehicle. 

There are also other locations from the heater core and the evaporator. The blower will be close to both. The blower motor resistor will control the speed of the blower motor. 

It can be found near the blower in the path of the airflow. There are two types of blower motor resistors. 

One is using coils of wire in a different size so that it can produce resistance. The other one is for speed. In the low setting, the twelve volts will be in the resistor. 

Are Engine Blowers Legal?

You have to check with the bureau of motor vehicles in your area. The law will depend and vary from one place to another. One law in one state might not be the same in another. 

It also depends on the attitude and character of the citizens. So if you want to be sure, you have to know about it and ask the bureau of motor vehicles in the state that you are currently in because there are some states where engine blowers are not illegal, and there are some states where the engine blower is legal. 


In summary, there are a lot of beginners in the world of driving and automobiles. Every component of a vehicle is essential. 

Beginners should familiarize the blower on the engine. A lot of people are asking about it. The article above provides sound guidance to those beginners.

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