Scratched Rims: How Bad Is It And What To Do? (Explained!)

In the world of driving, accidents happen. And a minor accident that causes dents in your vehicle is standard. However, there is also a situation where you will encounter scratched rims. 

So how bad are scratched rims and what can you do about it? The rim is not the big issue here.The risk and the issue that you should mind is the driving conditions that can push the jagged edge into the tire. 

Many people have been experiencing this issue, and that is why many people are asking how bad it is if you get scratched rims and what you can do about it. So with that, this article is made. 

A scratched rim is not unusual because it can happen to anyone who is driving a vehicle. And to anyone, this can be a troublesome and worrisome experience. A lot of car drivers have been asking about how bad a scratch rim can be and they are also asking what they can do about it. 

This article will talk about how bad it is to have scratched rims and what you can do about it. You can use this article as a guide. So let us get started.

Scratched Rims

Is A Scratched Rim Bad?

The rim is not the big issue here. The rim is looking bad. The risk and the issue that you should mind is the driving conditions that can push the jagged edge into the tire. 

If this happens, it is pretty unlikely to cause a blowout, but it can lower the tire’s lifespan. If you have scratched your rims, you should read and take a look at the terms of your lease. You should know your accountability. 

You can do the repair yourself, but if you do not want to and need an expert’s help, you can return the car or set an expert for an inspection and repair. So if you have a scratched rim, your issue is not the appearance but the risk of your safety.

Are Scratched Rims Dangerous?

Dents or scratches might not look suitable for your rims, but you can repair them yourself if the damage is minor. For safety, it can be dangerous if you have scratched rims. You can sand, fill, and then paint your rims so that you can restore their condition. 

You can also make them look good. The rim does not look bad if the damage is just tiny. The risk you should consider is the driving conditions. 

For your safety, you should not take any risks. We are talking about the safety of the river and the passengers. It is vital to consider the condition of the rin, the whee, and the vehicle. 

Is It Possible To Fix Scratched Rims?

Yes, it is possible to fix scratched rims. It might be a brand new set of wheels or something but a scratch rim can be dangerous. The scuffs are also good, and they can lower the value of your vehicle. 

Ther repair can also cost you more. Replacing your wheels is also practical because it can cost you so much. But, you can repair your scratched rims by doing it yourself. 

A scratch on your rims is not the end of the world. You can repair yourself. This is, of course, if there are just minor damages on your rim but, there are significant damages that might require you to do a replacement on your wheel. 

How To Fix Scratched Rims?

You need to check your rim for any damage. If you want your repair to take longer, you have to clean your rim very carefully and thoroughly before starting. You also have to check for any dents or scratches that you have to fix. 

Use a mild cleanser and washcloth. Take away that excessive dirt. Use a spray and a clean cloth for the cleaning of the wheel. 

Clean your tire very thoroughly before you start fixing the damages. You can clean your room using paint there. A paint thinner can help you take away that residual dust and some debris in the rim. 

You can dip the cloth in pain there and then coat your rim lightly. Wear gloves for safety. Let Dry the rim with a cloth. 

Before you fix the damage, ensure that your wheel is dry. Cover your tire using masking tape. Put the masking tape behind your rim and around it. 

Sand your scratches using grit sandpaper. Rub the scratches and those debts using sandpaper and then flatten out and smoothen out any rough edges. You can hold your sandpaper over the damage and then rub it back and forth on the surface. 

Fill out the dents and the scratches that are in your rim using a metal reinforced spot putty. Put a small amount from the container and spread it around with a knife. Allow it to dry for about two hours. 

Is It Expensive To Fix Scratched Rims?

If the damage and scratches on your rims include a crack, then it should be replaced. The cost can be compared with buying a new one. You will be spending more if you have it repaired, but you can do it and buy a new wheel. 

If the damage includes a bent in your rim, this is much more difficult to fix than to replace. This is why replacement is recommended for this and not repair. So if you have a crack in your wheel, you should replace it as soon as you can. 

The cost can charge you somewhere between two hundred dollars ($200) to five hundred dollars ($500). This is because it has to be repaired and then replated. 

So it is essential to be very careful if you are on the road to get scratches on your rims or any part of your vehicle. You also have to visit and compare the prices of some auto shops to pick one that is not charging you so high. 


In summary, there are lots of accidents that cause significant and minor damages. So many car drivers have experienced a scratch on their arms. With that, it is essential to know if you can still fix scratched rims. 

If your rims are scratched, they can be fixed. You have to be willing to spend. The repair can be done if there is minor damage. Significant damages will require a total replacement. Consult an expert and compare prices.

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