Car Won’t Start No Clicking: Why And What To Do? (Explained)

Many car drivers have already experienced that their vehicle will not start, and there is no clicking noise too. So if your vehicle suddenly stops working, you know that there is something wrong with your vehicle. And that is something you should act o fast to prevent any more damages in your vehicle by fixing the problem immediately. 

So why is your car not starting and not clicking and what can you do about it? If your vehicle will not start and there is no clicking noise coming out of your vehicle, there can be a few reasons why it happens. The first reason can be a dead battery; you might be having a dead battery or a dying battery. 

However, there are still plenty of reasons why your vehicle will not start and why it is not clicking. So the first thing that you should do is to know what the actual reason is. There are plenty of available reasons and you have to eliminate all of them. 

In this article, we’ll talk about why your vehicle will not start and what you can do about it. Use this article as your guide. So let us get started. 

Car Won't Start No Clicking

Why My Car Won’t Start And No Clicking Noise?

If your vehicle will not start and there is no clicking noise coming out of your vehicle, there can be a few reasons why it happens. The first reason can be a dead battery. You might be having a dead battery or a dying battery. 

Some of the electrical parts might be working, but your battery might already be drawing. You also have to check your fuses and ignition switch. If your battery is in good shape and your power is not turned off, you have to check for a blown fuse or have a faulty ignition switch. 

You also need to make sure that you will check the vehicle’s manual and then find the location of your fuse. Check also if your wire is damaged. There might also be some failed ignition switch signs. 

A bad ignition or a failing ignition switch can make the vehicle not start. A failed ignition switch is also a problem. You might also have a faulty starter. 

You might not be working correctly. There are also some issues with a bad start. Your starter might crack, but your vehicle will not start. 

This can be a poor collection, a battery failure, a bad or dead battery, or a damaged battery terminal. It can also be because of a bad start. Your vehicle might not start, but your lights will turn on is a symptom of a bad starter.

How To Fix That That Won’t Start And No Clicking?

You can try shifting the shifter. Using your foot on the brake, you have to move the shift lever into a neutral position. After that, try starting your engine. 

If it does not work, you can move it back to the part and then try the whole process again. Move the shifter sometimes so that it can reestablish an electrical contact inside the transmission range selector. 

Car Won’t Start No Clicking But Lights Work: What To Do?

You have to check your battery. You first have to eliminate the possibility of having a dead battery. Your other electrical components might work, but they can still be the cause of a dead battery. 

Batteries can sometimes run electronic devices on loc charge. Check also for the fuses, the ignition switch, and fusible links. If your battery’s in good shape, you must check for a blown fuse or a fusible link. 

You can check your vehicle’s manual and find the location of your fuse box. Open it after. If there will be o power running in the vehicle, you can inspect the fuse for a metal wire. 

If the metal wire inside your plastic casing is damaged or severed, there might be a blown fuse. You also have to check the starter. Starters sometimes make clicking noises if they fail to work. 

If you’ll turn the key in your ignition and hear a clicking sound, you might have a broken starter. Some other signs of a broken starter are that you might have smoke coming out of your engine. 

You might have a broken solenoid, or you might have an oil that is soaked underneath the engine of your starter. If you want to find out about it, you can hire a mechanic. 

Car Won’t Start No Clicking Noise But Radio Works: What To Do?

It will take a lot more power to start an engine than running a radio or even turning on the lights. So a marginal battery can run the lights and turn it on, but it will not start the engine. You first have to change the battery. 

If your battery is already charged, you can try to start the engine again. If it turns at an average rate, you can leave the lights on. You can take the vehicle to an auto repair shop and have your vehicle tested by experts. 

This is free of charge for the consultation. If the test says that your battery is weak, you have to seek a new battery. If the test is good, then something else is wrong. 

Car Won’t Start No Clicking Noise, But Battery Is Good: What To Do?

You can try cycling the key. If your vehicle does not start, you can turn on the dome light and then look for it while starting your engine. If the light goes out, it can signify that your battery is fragile and dead. 

You can try the critical cycling trick if you want to heat your battery, starter, and terminals. The trick here is to turn the key to a start position about ten times. Stop and then wait for about five minutes. 

Then you can try to start the engine again. If the dome stays bright, you have to move on to the next trick if you turn the key. Tap the battery terminals. 

You have to use tools if you want to clean corroded battery terminals. You can also move or jar the terminals, so make contact. Smack the battery terminal using the heel of a shoe and then rotate it very slightly. 

Then try to start the engine again. You can also try smacking the starter. 

You can smack it using a tire iron from your car jack if you have access to your starter motor. The electrical contacts can get stuck, and they will be accessible by tapping on them.


In summary, a car driver will experience a car breakdown. They might be in the middle of nowhere, and the vehicle will not start. 

There are plenty of reasons why a vehicle will t start. That is why it is essential to know more about it. You should know what to do if your vehicle will not start.

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