Changing Oil On Ramps: All You Need To Know (For Beginners)

In the work of automobiles, there are many things that we should know. If you are new to driving, you have to know the basics of what you can do if you’re stuck in a situation. One of these situations is changing oil on-ramps. 

So how to change oil in ramps? You just have to position your vehicle, double-check the alignment of the ramp with each wheel, drive up the ramp slowly, and then stop the vehicle. You have to follow this step if you will do an oil change on ramps. 

Oil change is very important for all your vehicles. Motor oils do not last forever and they have to be changed every now and then. That is why it is very important for a car driver how to change their oil and it is also equally important to know how to do an oil change on ramps. 

Oil change in ramps is not very hard. In fact, you can learn it and you can be very good at it. You just have to know the steps and you just have to know all the guides on how to do it. With that, you have this article that can be your guide.  

With that, we have created this article. This article will talk about changing oil on-ramps and everything you need to know about it. So without further ado, let’s get started. 

Changing Oil On Ramps

Is It Okay To Change Oil On Ramps?

Yes, it is okay. The issue here is that you might not get all the oil drained, but usually, there will be just a tiny amount left. The new oil’s additives will be replacing the additives that were lost from the oil. 

The new filter will remove the majority of the particulate matter from the remaining old oil. It is standard practice, and it has never voided a warranty. The angle that is formed by the ramps will hasten the draining of the oil. 

So it is recommended that you will consider safety above all. This means that your back wheel should be placed before you start the process. If the oil durian plug is in the side or the front of the oil pan, you should leave a cup of oil in your engine. 

How To Use Ramps To Change Oil?

A lot of people are asking how they should use ramps to change their oil. So with that, here is a step-by-step guide that you can follow. 

1. Position The Vehicle

You have to position your vehicle into a flat and open spot. It is ideally a garage or a flat parking lot. First, you should make sure that there will be some space in the front to be driven forward. 

Next, you have to ensure that the wheels are pointing in a straight line. After, put the ramp in front of the front wheels and slide them until they are not touching the wheels. 

2. Double-Check The Alignment Of The Ramp With Each The Wheel

It should be centered as much as possible with the ramps. If they are not centered, the ramps can crack. The vehicle can also fall off. 

3. Drive Up The Ramp Slowly

You need to keep the speed low and the wheels straight. If you get off-center, you can feel the raised edges of their amp. Ask a friend or someone to spot you so that you can keep the vehicle straight. 

If you feel that the ramp is not straight and sliding, you need to speed up a little bit. You also have to place a longboard that is between the ramp and a wall. This is so that you can keep it moving forward.

4. Stop The Vehicle

Stop the vehicle at the top of the rams. Each of the vehicle’s wheels must be resting fully on the top and the flat portion of the ramp. After, engage the parking brake. 

Double-check the position of your vehicle. You should ensure that it is aligned. You have to make sure that their amps are aligned so that the ramps can support the vehicle’s weight. 

After, place the wheel chocks just behind the opposite set of the wheels. Slide them so that they will wedge in between the tires.

Should My Car Be Level When Changing Oil?

You have to make sure that it’s fine as long as the oil can drain from the pain. The drai will be on the side of the pan and will be closest to the rearmost of the time. So if you will have to put it at an angle, you have to make the rear lower than the front.

Are Drive-Up Ramps Safe?

The car ramps are made up of solid steel, or it is also made up of plastic. They are generally safer rather than using a jack stand. 

This is because the weight of the vehicle will be spread out over a large area. It is not just resting on one area.

What Is Safer, Ramps, Or Jack Stands?

A car ramp is easy to use. You can plop them down a pair of ramps, then drive the incline, put on the parking brake, set the wheel chocks, and you are good to go. A lot of people say that ramps are on the safe side. Auto ramps are known to be more stable than jack stands. 

There is also a minor error for the ramps rather than in the jack stands. One of the most significant advantages that the ramp has over the jack stands is the price. Jack stands are more affordable in comparison to a suitable jack. 

The bad thing about rams is that they can slide if you are trying to drive into them. Jack stands are lighter than the ramps. They are small, and they are easy to keep and tuck away. 

Jack stands are safe and reliable. A lot of people have their preferences. Some of them choose ramps. 

Some of them will choose jack stands. They all have their preferences, and you have yours too.

Can I Change My Oil On An Incline?

Changing the oil on a flat surface is the easiest, but not all driveway has an ideal location. But this does not automatically mean that you have to change up the towel and head to an auto shop. Have to change the oil on a steep driveway, and it will require extra preparation and then some help from other tools.


In summary, some people are having a hard time choosing over jack stands or ramps. But some other people have their preferences. 

They have their cons and pros. You should be able to know more about it so you’ll be able to decide.

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