Can You Mix 0w20 and 0w30 Oil? (Explained!)

Motor oil is a vital fluid for your vehicle, and that is why it is vital to use the correct and the recommended motor oil for your engine. Unfortunately, many car owners are confused and wonder whether they can mix 0w20 oil to 0w30 oil. So if you, too, want to know more about this issue, then stay for a knowledgeable read.

So can you mix 0w20 oil to 0w30 oil? The answer is yes. This means that if you want to, then you can mix 0w20 oil to 0w30 oil.

As a car driver, you must know that motor oil is used as a lubricant. This motor oil is used for internal combustion engines found in lawnmowers, motorcycles, powering cars, and another list of machines; how an engine works is accompanied by moving parts of the components internally. This means there is a cause of friction. 

This friction is the reason why motor oil existed. The motor oil will be able to lubricate the engine and all the components of the engine. With that, it is essential to stick with what is recommended for your engine. 

You can refer to your owner’s manual and the manufacturer to know your engine‚Äôs recommended and suitable motor oil. Mixing motor oil is also another issue. This is because some car owners have been mixing two different motor oils. 

So now, we will be going to talk about mixing 0w20 oil to 0w30 oil and what can be the possible results of this mixing. Let us get started.

Can You Mix 0w20 and 0w30 Oil

Can I Mix 0w20 and 0w30 Oil?

To answer this question, let’s first define both of these oils. The 0w20 motor oil is made from high-performance base stocks and has a balanced component additive system. 

This motor oil can heighten the engine’s efficiency because of the viscosity of this motor oil. Therefore, it can improve the fuel economy of one’s vehicle. On the other hand, the 0w30 motor oil is made to deliver an enhanced fuel economy and outstanding engine protection for your engine. 

Both of these oils have their differences, and from a layman’s view, you cannot mix this because of the apparent fact that they are not the same motor oil. However, if you want to mix 0w20 oil with 0w30 oil, then you can mix the two of them. 

Of course, you also choose not to mix them, so it depends totally on the vehicle owner. But on a bare note, yes, you can mix 0w20 oil with 0w30 oil.

Can You Add 0w20 to 0w30 Oil?

Yes, if you want to and if you have to. For example, if you want to add 0w20 to your 0w30 oil, you can do it. However, there are moments where you do not have any choice at all. 

Some people get stuck in a place where their oil is running low, and there is no available motor oil in the area that is the same as what is in their vehicle. Situations like this will force car owners to add different motor oil to their existing motor oil. 

If this happens, then you can add it up. However, if you want to stick with your original oil, you can always do an oil change if you arrive at your destination, and you can find your existing oil in the area.

Can You Add 0w30 to 0w20 Oil?

Yes, you can also add 0w30 to your 0w20 oil. Again, if you want to add it up and add it up, you can do it. As mentioned, there are situations where you do not have any choice but to add a different oil to your engine.

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Is It Ok To Mix 0w20 and 0w30 – Possible Downsides?

Yes, it is okay. There are no reported engine failure or component damages from mixing 0w20 oil to 0w30 oil. In addition, many car owners have been mixing 0w20 oil to 0w30 oil, and they have not experienced any alarming changes in their vehicle and their vehicle’s performance. 

The possible downsides can be about the warranty of your vehicle. If you are still under warranty and will use a mix of 0w20 oil to 0w30 oil, your vehicle can be voided. So if you are still under warranty, it is best not to mix 0w20 oil to 0w30 oil.

What Happens if You Mix 0w20 and 0w30 Oil?

If you mix 0w20 oil with 0w30 oil, the possible results are voiding your vehicle’s warranty. However, there is nothing significant that you should worry about in terms of effects on your engine and your performance. Mixing 0w20 oil to 0w30 oil will not give you any failures on your engine and damage your vehicle’s components.


In summary, car owners have been asking people whether they can mix 0w20 oil with 0w30 oil. Unfortunately, there are no official statements released about the effects of mixing 0w20 oil with 0w30 oil. 

However, car owners have been doing it. They reported no casualties on their vehicle and no changes in the performance of their vehicle.



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