Does AAA Patch Tires? (And For How Much? Answered)

A lot of people are asking if AAA can patch tires. This is a question asked by many to learn more about it. But, first, we will talk about AAA. 

So do AAA patch tires? The answer is no. AAA does not patch or repair your tire. What they’ll do is that they will install a spare tire if you have any, or they can give you a tow to the nearest AAA authorized service center. 

You may be stuck in the middle of the road, or you might have a flat tire; one thing you will think of is the AAA. An AAA is an American automobile association. This is a non-profit organization with clubs all over the united states and Canada, and they will help you with all the issues you have at any time of the day. 

But what does AAA specifically do? We will find out. This article will talk about AAA and how it can help you with problems. Let us get started.

Does AAA Patch Tires

Does AAA Patch Flat Tires?

No, AAA does not patch flat tires. AAA will not be able to repair your tire or patch your tire. What they will do instead is that they can install an aspire tire, or they can tow you to the nearest AAA authorized service center or at any location of your choice so that you can get your vehicle tire repaired. 

They can also install a completely new tire, but it will depend on your tire’s condition. You have to note also that AAA can only tow your vehicle with the number of miles mentioned in your membership. The future miles and the excess miles will be charged. 

So if you have a basic membership of AAA, you are only allowed seven miles of free towing. They’ll not be able to tow you further than that. You will have to pay for it. 

Will AAA Come To Patch A Tire?

AAA can offer you a comprehensive set of services. They can also help you with so many types of requests, but if your vehicle tire needs a plug or a patch, the AAA will tow your vehicle, and they can repair the location of your choice.

How Much Does It Cost To Patch Up A Tire With AAA?

After taking the AAA membership and getting stuck with a flat tire, you can call the AAA. They will install a spare tire for you or inflate your tire. They can also tow you to the nearest automotive center. 

These are all free of charge. The charge will be told to you by the automotive center where you will be towed, depending on your tire’s condition. Again, they can patch your tire or install a new tire, and the cost can range from one hundred dollars ($100) to three hundred dollars ($300). 

Many companies and auto stores will charge you approximately twenty-five dollars ($25) for a tire patch and the rebalancing. If you’re lucky enough that you can catch a puncture early, the repair will only charge you somewhere between fifteen dollars ($15) to thirty dollars ($30). 

There are also some chains of stores that will charge you twenty dollars ($20) or less than that. There might also be some tire patch costs. 

Does AAA Plus Cover Patching Tires?

The AAA has a different service, and they respond to a variety of service requests, but if the tires of your vehicle will need a patch or a plug, the AAA will tow your vehicle to the nearest repair shop of your choice. 


In summary, many people need help if they are experiencing trouble with their vehicle. For example, they might have a flat tire or need to inflate their tire. 

Then, of course, there is the AAA, and they can help you with some services. But there are some services they cannot do.

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