Will AAA Change A Tire In My Driveway? (All You Need To Know)

Many car drivers have been in this circumstance, that they might be on their way to work, or they have to be somewhere, and your tire is flat. This is where people would ask if AAA will change a tire on their driveway. So let us discuss the subject.

So will AAA change a tire in your driveway? The answer is yes. AAA does fix your tire in your driveway. 

If you want to have a tire service from AAA, you must be a member of AAA., so every time you need the service, you should present. In addition, you should have a good spare tire and an inflated spare tire. 

Having a flat tire is not good, and it gives you a hassle. You will consume your time looking for ways to repair your flat tire. Then, you still have to call for a tow or whatever the solution is.

The AAA will not supply a tire, and they will not install a spare that is not correctly inflated or considered unsafe by the technician. So in this article, we’ll talk about AAA and if they will change a tire in your driveway. Let us get started. 

Will AAA Change A Tire In My Driveway

Can You Call AAA For A Flat Tire?

People ask if they can call AAA for a flat tire. Before you ask this question, you must make sure first that you are a member. 

The American automobile association or the AAA is a membership service. It is made to provide help. This private organization starts by supplying roadside assistance to the members, and they have become the leading name for the insurance space. 

Today, the AAA provides roadside assistance, travel perks, and discounts to over sixty-one million members. This is twice the population of Texas. So depending on the damage to your tire, the AAA roadside assistance can either install your spare tire, inflate your tire, or they can tow your vehicle. 

If you get a flat, a certified AAA technician will come to you and install your vehicle’s spare tire. If your spare tire is not inflated, then it is not available. 

If the technician sees that the spare tire is not safe, your vehicle might have to be towed to an approved facility to have your tire replaced or repaired. The covered towing distance will depend on what is inside your AAA membership plan. 

Will AAA Change My Tire At Home?

For those asking if AAA can change your tire at home, the AAA can fix flat tires even at home. However, they can only install your spare tire. They can also inflate your tire, or they can tow your tire to the nearest automotive center. However, they will not patch or repair your tire on the spot. 

If you get a flat tire, a certified AAA technician will visit you, and they will install the spare tire of your tire. However, if an inflated spare isn’t available or unsafe, they will not install it and tow your vehicle.

How Much Does AAA Charge To Change A Tire In A Driveway?

People who want to be members of AAA want to know the price or the charge of changing a tire. They can change a tire in your driveway. 

The roadside assistance plan is offering a free tier change. Many plans range from around fifty-two dollars to one hundred nineteen dollars per vehicle. There will be an additional fee, though, for the service. 

The AAA does not give you a tip. They subcontract the job, and they will get their cut either way. They will pay for the driver but not much after all the fees and the taxes. 

What Do You Do If You Have A Flat Tire In Your Driveway?

Driving in a nearby driveway is not a significant problem if you have a flat tire in your driveway. However, you have to do it slowly. You can call a friend if you do not know how to call for a tow and have your vehicle towed. 


In summary, people are asking if AAA will change a tire in your driveway. Unfortunately, a flat tire can happen to any car driver and vehicle every day. 

It is such a hassle for car drivers, so knowing what to do if you have a flat tire is vital. AAA is beneficial, so it is best to be a member so that you can enjoy their services.

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