Trailer Tires On A Car: Is It Possible? (Explained!)

Many people are wondering why they cannot use two tires and interchange them. And that is why they are asking if they put a trailer tire on their car. Let us find out. 

So is it possible to put a trailer tire in your car? Yes, it is possible that you can put a trailer in your tire, but you should not do it. 

Many people are asking if they interchange two tires or put a trailer tire in their vehicle. It can be harmful if you do it. A trailer tire and a passenger tire are different. You can differentiate them if you know more about tires. 

The passenger tires have a code of P for passengers. They also have LT for Light trucks in front of the other numbers on your tire. On the other hand, a trailer tire has a code of ST. Trailer tires also have thicker sidewalls. 

They also have a narrower tread width. You can quickly tell them apart if you put them side by side with a car tire. 

So for those who wish to know if it is possible to put trailer tires on a vehicle, this article is for you. We will be talking about trailer tires on a car. Let us start. 

Trailer Tires On A Car

Can You Use Trailer Tires On Your Car?

No, you must not use trailer tires on your vehicle if the tires are marked for trailer use only. It has an ST code for it, and ST tires are not made for motor vehicles’ turning and stopping requirements, and it should never be used in anything but a trailer. Some tires have their casings, and they are explicitly made and embossed for specific uses only on mobile homes, off-highway, or farms. 

ST means special trailer. So if you want to, you can use trailer tires on your vehicle, but you should not. Trailer tires are made specifically for the rigors of trailering. 

They have sidewalls that are stiff to support high weight stress typical of trailer applications. The ride can be harsh in your vehicle, and the traction characteristics can be dangerous. A passenger vehicle and a light truck are made for accelerating, braking, and cornering. 

They are more submissive and compliant, and they offer a more comfortable sidewall and a tread design. Lastly, they are made to clutch and grab the pavement.

Why Can’t You Use Trailer Tires On Cars?

If you spend time driving on the road, you can experience a flat or other tire malfunction. A vehicle tire and a trailer tire are not made similarly. They are built differently. 

They are different from the tread and the sidewalls to the ply and the structure. They are both tires, but their functions and duties will keep you on the road differently. A truck or a car’s tires are made to be on a lead vehicle. 

They have this thick tread because they will maintain traction on slippery roads and sharp turns. They are also made to handle high speeds of driving on the highway. A trailer tire is made to be on the following vehicle. 

They have thick sidewalls to handle debris and some other objects. The tread is also not as thick as the car tires. They are also not capable of maintaining traction. 

They are made specifically to accommodate the sway of a trailer. Driving above eighty miles per hour with a trailer is not recommended. 

If your vehicle and your trailer have the same size, it is discouraged that you will share the tire between them. They will deliver and perform different functions. 

Can You Put Trailer Tires On The Drive Axle?

Some people ask if they can put trailer tires on the drive axle. Let us learn more. This depends on what trailer tires you are talking about and what truck you are talking about. 

If they have the same size, you can, but if the tires are made specifically for a trailer position, they will not last long on the drive axle to the truck. They will wear out quickly. Truck tires these days are made for the position intended to be used on the truck. 

Some tires are all positioned, and they are a compromise. For example, a steer position is made to be on the truck’s steering axle. 

Can You Use Trailer Rims On Cars?

Many people are asking if they can use trailer rims on their vehicles. This is a question most people ask so that we will answer them. Technically speaking, if the bolt pattern and the weight ratings are compatible with your vehicle, you can fit trailer wheels. 

However, you will experience a big problem with your proper tire replacement. Vehicles use wheels with a high positive offset, and they put the tire closer to the vehicle’s frame. T

trailer wheels are made to have a zero offset so that there is even tread wear if they deal with a heavy load. Old vehicles are used for conventional steel wheels. 


In summary, many people are asking if it is possible to put a trailer tire on their vehicle. Yes, it is possible, and you can put a trailer truck on your vehicle if you want to. 

However, it is not advised and recommended. In addition, you should not interchange them because they all have their specifications.

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