Fresh Oil And Chips Sign Meaning (All You Need To Know)

Road signs are installed at the side of the road to warn the drivers. It warms what they will encounter ahead of the road. 

As you are driving, you might notice the fresh oil and chips sign.  It is usually installed, especially if road widening or road construction. 

If you saw this, you need to slow down your car as you pass by the area. The new oil sign means that the road has tack pavers used before putting down the asphalt. 

It is a viscous liquid making the road condition slippery, you don’t want to make sudden moves, or your car might slip and get into an accident. 

As you pass by the road with a new oil sign, your car may get crud or paint under, but you can use a tar remover to clean it. 

Moreover, oil and chips are construction materials used to cover the existing road with a layer of oil and stones that will seal the blacktop. 

You should be careful and never ignore any single road sign, and if you see one follow the instructions.  One of the common reasons why there are road accidents is due to not following road signs. 

Fresh Oil And Chips Sign Meaning

What Does The Fresh Oil And Chips Sign Mean?

Usually, if road construction is, fresh oil and chips signs will be installed at the designated area. In this area, you will find that the roads are slippery because of the new oil and small stones used to cover up the old damaged road.

As a driver, you should be vigilant to sign roads because if you ignore them, you will end up at the hospital. 

Moreover, before getting your driver’s license, your proctor will introduce you to these signs, including the fresh oil and chips sign.

What To Do When You See The Fresh Oil And Chips Sign?

The fresh oil and chips sign signals that you will be entering an area under construction. These signs are usually installed a distance before you reach the area. 

If the roadwork area is on highways, this sign is usually posted ten or more miles in advance, and it will continue to warm you as you get closer to the area. 

Before you get to the area, you will see the same sign twice.  Hence, if it’s only a small construction job, the sign will be posted one mile or less before the area. 

What Do You Need To Be Aware Of When You See Fresh Oil And Chips Sign?

You don’t have to be aware when you see a fresh oil and chips sign. The only essential thing you do is to slow down the speed of your car until you pass by the area. 

If you notice that the oil or paint gets into your car, don’t panic because it can be removed using a tar remover. 

Instead of panicking, control your mind and have a presence of mind while driving, especially in the area with signage. 

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The new oil sign is a vital sign that you should not ignore. When you see it, make sure that you decrease your speed before reaching the area. 

Ignoring this sign is dangerous, especially on highways. Even if it’s only a tiny construction when there’s a sign, don’t ignore it because it is the most basic way to be safe.

Moreover, you don’t need to speed up all the time if it’s not needed. Especially if the sign said so, always have a presence of mind if you want to reach your destination alive.

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