How Many Miles Do Semi Trucks Last? (Explained)

There are different types of trucks that you can see everywhere. It is heavy-duty and semi-trucks. Also, these trucks have different mileage capacities. 

So, how many miles do semi-trucks last? Semi-trucks can run for 750,000 to 1,000,00 miles. 

If you consider purchasing your semi-truck, it’s okay because it is not an expensive investment.  However, know first if purchasing a semi-truck can benefit your future endeavor. 

One of the questions you should ask yourself is how many miles a semi-truck can last. Some things should be taken into consideration. Usually, the average semi-truck cab rubs at least 900,000miles. 

The routine maintenance, intelligent driving, and genuine engine miles are the variables that will determine the lifespan of the truck you want to purchase. 

Knowing what will help you determine how long a semi-truck will last will help you ensure that you will use the semi-truck you purchase for many years. 

Moreover, the most critical factor in determining how many miles you can get from a semi-truck is its maintenance routine. You should be aware of the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule of the truck.

After that, you stick to the schedule and never miss any appointments. 

How Many Miles Do Semi Trucks Last

How Many Miles Do Semi Trucks Last?

A semi-truck can last up to 900,000 miles. After that, you need to reset its system or attend to the maintenance schedule that your semi-truck needs. 

Hence, semi-trucks have intelligent driving systems. It can surpass any bumpy roads and drastic climates changes. 

Its solid body will protect the loads inside perfectly, indeed delivering the loads in perfect condition.

How Many Miles Do Semi-Truck Engines Last?

The lifespan of a semi-truck is only 720,000 miles. Your semi-truck is lucky enough it reaches 900,000 miles runs without having an engine failure. 

However, the lifespan of your semi-truck will still depend on how to maintain and care for its engine. 

Also, how you drive it, if you are careless, except that the engine will brokedown expectedly. 

If you never miss any maintenance schedule, you can assure that your semi-truck engine will last more than its lifespan. 

How Long Does a Semi-Truck Tires Last?

If you notice that one part of your tire gets busted, you need to replace it right away. However, there are instances when you replace only one set of tires that can cause a rough driving experience. 

If one tire gets damaged so severely, you need to replace all the tires to avoid even tires. 

Moreover, don’t keep your tires for more than six years. Usually, the average lifespan of semi-truck tires is 3 to six years. 

If you are counting through the truck’s mileage, it is recommended that you replace the tires every 25,000 and 75,000 miles run. 

What Is High Mileage For A Semi-Truck?

Most semi-trucks have a mileage capacity of 750 thousand to 1 million miles. It can also hit 4 million miles if its engine is adequately maintained yearly. 

Moreover, the break-in on trucks happens every 50,000 miles. Hence there are instances that it happens after 500,000 miles run. 

It is why there are truck companies that trade their vehicles so that they can still replace their old truck before its other parts fall out. 

They are so clever. Because these individuals still manage to get the one-fourth amount of their semi-trucks and use it to buy another new semi-truck. 

What Is Low Mileage For A Semi-Truck?

The low mileage for semi-trucks, if you’re going to use the odometer, is 220,00 to 400,000 miles run.

After that, your semi-truck will start to create engine issues. Semi-trucks are loaded with vast amounts of stuff inside; the weight affects its engine. 


A semi-truck is a good investment, especially if you have a business that needs trucks to carry your loads.

However, the same as other vehicles,semi-trucks also have vulnerabilities. It also breaks faster due to its job. 

Trucks have more jobs than passenger vehicles. They carry not just the driver but lots of load on its body.

You should know the essential factors about it before you buy a semi-truck.

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