Gas Stations: 7 Answers Explained (All You Want To Know)

Having a gasoline station as a business costs a lot of money. However, it is one of the best investments to help you secure your and your family’s future. 

Gasoline is one of the essential liquids a car needs to function. No matter how much you price it, consumers still need to refill their vehicles to run it. 

Gas stations nowadays prove that it has the most lucrative nature. It is stable at the same time; it is easy to handle. 

However, as you delve into this kind of business, you should know several precautions. Most especially safety protocols, safety protocols should be included in the training of your employees. 

Once your employees mishandle the safety protocols of your business, this will lead to chaos and severe fire problems. 

Indeed, there’s no doubt that a gas station is one reason why the owner becomes wealthy. Hence, you should know that it is not easy for them to handle such a big responsibility. 

A gas station might be a great money maker, but it is also dangerous if there is minor damage to your underground tank. 

Now, let’s take a great book about what you should know about gas stations. 

Gas Stations Most Asked Questions

How Much Gas Does A Gas Station Hold?

A gasoline station can store up to 30,000 to 40,000 gallons on its underground tanks. 

Moreover, some overfilling and leaks in the underground tank will result in corrosion. 

If you own a gas station, you should take several vital matters to keep it efficiently safe. 

How Big Are Gas Station Tanks?

The typical gas station tank has a capacity of 12,000 to 24,000 gallons of fuel. The station contains 87-91 octane capacity. 

Hence, it depends on how big and wide your gas station is. The wider your area, you can also see the diameter of your gas station tanks. 

If your gas station tanks are more comprehensive than a typical gas tank, you can add more stations to give your consumer a fast and convenient lane. 

Underground Fuel Tank Sizes?

An underground fuel tank of 12,000-gallon capacity has a dimension of 96 diameters by 32 in length. Its primary tank has a ¼ gauge with 10 gallons secondary shell and 7 gallons secondary heads. 

If you have a fuel tank of 20,000-gallon capacity, it has a dimension of 126 diameters by 31 in length.  Its primary tank has a ¼gauge with a 7-gallon secondary shell and 7-gallon secondary heads. 

Moreover, the storage capacity and primary tank capacity increase as the dimension widens. 

How Often Do Gas Stations Refill?

The majority of gas stations can sell around 2,000 to 4,000 gallons per day. In terms of refilling, they refill every three days. 

However, it will still depend on the consumers you have; the more consumers you have, the more gallons of gasoline you sell. It means that the earlier you need to refill your underground tank. 

How Deep Are Gas Station Tanks Buried?

The most required depth of gas station tanks is 12ft in depth. If it exceeds this average depth, it might be challenging to avoid corrosion. 

How Much Gas Does A Tanker Truck Hold?

A tanker truck that carries gasoline has large tanks that transport the fuel safely. Its tanks are made with fuel-efficient materials that are solid enough to handle extreme liquid like gasoline. 

The tanker trucks are designed with a pumping system for loading and unloading gasoline. It has a capacity of 80 thousand pounds gross weight limit. 

For smaller tanker trucks, it has a smaller maximum capacity of 3 thousand gallons of gas storage. Moreover, the maximum capacity of a tanker will still depend on the density of the liquid transported, such as gasoline. 

How Much Gas Does A Gas Station Sell Per Day?

On a typical day, stores can sell 4 thousand gallons per day; however, there are times that sales are low, then stores can only sell lower than 4 thousand. 

However, it will still matter on consumers’ needs. During summer vacation, for example, gasoline sells off quickly because lots of families travel. 


Gas stations are a significant business venture. It is easy to handle and, at the same time, easy to make money. 

However, it also needs a great responsibility to run this company. If you are new in this industry, study the field well before starting your gas station. 

Lastly, the sales of a gas station will depend on the consumer’s needs and the season. Hence gasoline is one important stuff to run the vehicle so, every day, you will still have a great sales.

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